Do we have a master list of GC books? It would be really helpful in finding new reading material.

Do we have a master list of GC books? It would be really helpful in finding new reading material.


Bumping this. I would love a list. I know there is "Trans" "Material Girls" and "Irreversible Damage" but I literally can't remember anymore after that.

Doublethink by Janice Raymond, The Abolition of Sex by Kara Dansky, Female Erasure by Ruth Barrett.

Don't forget Janice Raymond's prophetic The Transexual Empire, which was published more than 40 years ago. Raymond has made the book freely available on her website: https://janiceraymond.com/the-transsexual-empire/

There's also Heather Brunskell-Evans' Transgender Body Politics as well as Transgender Children and Young People: Born in Your Own Body, which she co-edited with Michele Moore.

I don't think "Irreversible Damage" is gender critical. It's endorsed by Dennis Prager and Ben Shapiro. Pretty sure it's coming from a conservative perspective.

I would say it's required reading for any gender critical feminist, even though Shrier is not coming from our perspective. I believe she's some kind of moderate Republican. She does express support for lesbians and GNC girls several times in the book.

There is only one instance in the entire book where her perspective surfaces; she calls little girls naturally more empathetic than boys, and addresses TIFs specifically and tells them there's nothing wrong with being that way. For me (a de-transed female), it seemed like it was coming from the right place but I know that it would probably make a TIF squirm and drive her deeper into the spiral of "I'm not like that, fuck you, you don't know me".

For the rest of the book, she sticks to the facts and describes the stories of the people she interviewed with what I believe to be a decently neutral perspective (as much as one can be, anyway).

It really depends on what we mean by GC. I did love Invisible Women by Criado-Perez. She did get some heat for an interview about bathroom parity, but i didn't take it as overtly GC.

Not sure what would exactly qualify as a GC book, but here are a couple of (incomplete) lists of (more or less) radical feminist literature.

There have been a few posts to create lists of radfem books, but nothing specific to "GC" as of yet.