For the reader, especially the reader who has never read a book or a newspaper, never watched any television or seen a film, Penny has all sorts of revelations.

Wow, the burn.

I see posts of Laurie Penny completely destroyed by "factz and logic" like every other day on twitter. She has a room temperature IQ but the confidence of a mediocre male. I would have never expected her to write a book but i gotta say, now that i do know, that's pretty much exactly what I would have expected.

Penny then accuses those women, feminists and others, who are critical of the sex industry of, yes, a sort of twisted envy, because why should some women get paid for what others have to do for free

Big shock that a they/them who grew up wealthy cannot conceive that economic coercion and misogyny is the backbone of the sex industry. NOPE!! Us SWERFs are just jealous that our shitty ex-boyfriends paid to rape the sex workers while we had to get raped for free!

(for someone who identifies as gender-queer, and who therefore has some trouble with the word woman, which does not reflect her “lived experience”, Penny uses “man” with an abandon that is quite dizzying).

This is par for the course for TIFs.

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The fact this book is £20 is the biggest rip off in human history.

But LOL at Pennies own former employer to publish a review saying how hackneyed and utterly unimpressive she is, that the book basically boils down to common room pontification, offering nothing but smug observations with an air of intellectual superiority that anyone with two eyes that just left a lifetime in a cave can witness.

The one positive thing the world may be able to take from this woman's book is the encouragement that literally anyone can write a book and get published, apparently

The fact that she comes from a rich family probably helped a little

I was just thinking that. Do you remember those ADS about how people could go to Art School by copying various pictures as part of an exam process.

Fast forward to now. Now there ADS saying not only do they have instructors to teach you how to write better, they have editors available to help you eventually self publish your finished book.

Another selling point is they can get you more money than Amazon. I you use Kindle, most of the free books are people who Self published with them.

The grandiloquently titled Sexual Revolution: Modern Fascism and the Feminist Fightback ....it promises something serious-minded and galvanising, even if the word fascism does, in context, whiff just a little of Rick in The Young Ones.

This made me chuckle remembering Rik calling people fascists for such crimes as suggesting he clean his gross toilet. RIP Rik Mayall.

It sounds utterly cringeworthy. I really can't imagine Laurie Penny will sell many copies in the UK. She must be hoping to do well over the pond.

I came across this review via this twitter thread of shared lip smacking over its sweet takedowns - and in the Guardian, no less. It is nice to see.

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