Very excited for this conversation. I was diagnosed with several personality disorders as a preteen. I didn’t think there was anything “wrong” with me, I was just a struggling kid in a family that didn’t have time or bandwidth to provide compassionate care to children. I always wondered who this “perfectly ordered” person I was being compared to that my behavior was so severely “disordered” I required medication. The psychiatrists were way too eager to prescribe me anything and everything.

Fun fact: I never took the medication. One of the psychiatrists actually told me “if you’re not going to take it, throw it in the trash not down the drain so it doesn’t affect the water supply.” As if they were happy taking my parents’ money regardless.

My parents and the psychiatrists, in future evaluations, commented on just how much improvement they saw since I started taking the medication.

Like I said, I wasn’t taking it lmao.

If people who take these medications feel like it helps them, by all means. I wouldn’t advocate for everyone to suddenly go med-free. But I do think this is an important conversation to have and that psychiatry, especially for children, is far too eager to prescribe.