I will say I am one of those women that was strongly pushed by medical doctors, therapists, and a very rude psychiatrist to take SSRIs to cure very physical debilitating fatigue and brain fog symptoms that, shock and awe, ended up being directly caused by a completely separate and treatable physical problem.

I easily met all their criteria for the disorders I was diagnosed with, and I was indeed depressed at the time, but what I went to the doctor's for had little to do with that. The adamant pill pushers were nothing but disrespectful to me when I asked questions, lied to me that side effects clearly listed on the manufacturers' sites didn't ever happen, and got mad at me when I became "resistant" to taking a little-studied pill for something I'd had my whole damn life when my fatigue was a new development! They would never in a million years believe me today that getting out of the horrible far-right community that raised me, finding lesbian community, and developing radical feminist perspective on the misogyny and homophobia that created my disorders has done far, far more for my mental health and my gender dysphoria than anything else could have.