I didn't say she had no degree. I said she has no medical degree or license to practice medicine.

She is not a psychologist either. She does not have a degree, training, or license in psychotherapy.

She's speaking on issues she has no professional training or standing in, and could cause others harm with her inaccurate advice. She's also recently been found to have revealed the private details of abuse victims without their permission, so she's not exactly reputable.

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Her site says that she is a chartered psychologist, I'm assuming that's in the UK where she lives. That doesn't mean I always agree with her -- I do think she leans toward throwing the baby out with the bathwater but it's undeniable there's a lot of really nasty misogynistic bathwater that needs to be thrown out of psychiatry, previous generations of radical feminists such as Dr. Bonnie Burstow have written about it as well. I just don't think it's fair to say she has no credentials.

That is disturbing about sharing her clients' info though as well :/

I wasn't familiar with this term since I'm in the US, but it seems they use the term psychologist differently. Their definition of "chartered psychologist" seems to be someone who has training in psychology but may be doing research or teaching, and this has been recognized by a professional organization.

However, they are not necessarily clinical psychologists, which is what we usually mean in the US when we say someone is a psychologist, as in a therapist (though not all therapists are psychologists) who would see patients (and need a license to do so).

She completely denies mental illness exists though, so that's not exactly throwing away some bits of psychology or psychiatry away. That's denying there's even a need for these fields in a health context, which is absurd. It's one thing if she were critiquing these things and suggesting we approach from a different perspective.

However, she seems to be completely denying people's suffering and is misinforming people about the actual treatments they've been given for generally recognized mental health issues. She has no credentials in these areas, with regards to medicine or psychotherapy, and yet feels the need to talk on them as if she did.

That's surprising to me too, I'd have thought it was much the same. I've only recently followed her social media after reading a couple articles that seemed quite sound, the discussion was specifically misogynistic diagnosis of personality disorders, trauma-informed therapy, and discussing common claims in the medical community that aren't in keeping with the latest research, such as the lack of much evidence for the chemical imbalance theory wrt depression and when/under what circumstances a normal reaction to a depressing situation or event is pathologized as a permanent disorder rather than a reaction to circumstances, etc. which tracked with what I've read from other sources, but did see a couple posts from her that I thought were oversimplifying recently..

I'm surprised that a professional organization would charter her if she doesn't have enough credentials, but I'll definitely keep your comments in mind when I read her book as it's still on my TBR. Thank you for your perspective on her work, I was not under the impression she believed all mental illness is just trauma, that's overkill imo, so I'll go into the book with that concern in mind.