Unfortunately the author denies that mental illness even exists, and has recently been posting misinformation about medication on Twitter, despite having no medical degree or license to practice medicine.

Even if there is clear evidence that misogyny has impacted the fields of psychology and psychiatry, there's no need to throw the baby out with the bathwater. She does a huge disservice to those who do struggle with genuine mental health issues, and who have been helped by medication or therapy.

She also didn't declare her conflicts of interest, that she sells "professional services," including consultations and training. She may benefit financially by deterring people from pursuing evidence-based treatment and turning to her services instead.

She is very much pro-therapy. It’s the eager jump to medication that she argues is a problem.

If mental illness doesn't exist though, what would the therapy be for?

For abuse, general unhappiness. I had therapy that just gave me a different experience, being treated like a human instead of a thing, clarifying things, overall re-parenting, but with caring and respect for me as an individual, even though I wasn't mentally ill.