Arguments rage in the UK labour and trade union movement over the best approach to prostitution. Is full decriminalisation (like they have in New Zealand) the best option or is the Nordic Model (now in force in Sweden, Norway, Iceland, France, Ireland, and Israel) better?

This is topical because Unison is set to vote at its National Delegate Conference in June on whether to drop its 12-year support for the Nordic Model and instead move towards support for the New Zealand approach.

This webinar is essential if you’re in Unison or the wider labour and trade union movement. We will hear from a sex trade survivor, a trade union leader, and a support worker about why the movement should unequivocally back the Nordic Model: It is the only approach that recognises the prostitution system as part of the structural oppression of women and as both a cause and a consequence of the persistent inequality between the sexes. It is also the only approach that prioritises support, assistance to exit, and alternatives for those caught up in the prostitution system, while holding the pimps and punters to account.