for the last FUCKING time for any TRAs who lurk here: - XXY is Klinefelter's syndrome. It causes a difference of sexual development in men. Men. Men. Klinefelter's syndrome only affects men. Men with Klinefelter's syndrome are still men, not some "other" group. They are not some gotcha you can throw around.

Stop it. Your DSDphobe attitudes stink.

I felt bad for the girl in the striped shirt for having to stand next to those two. Hopefully, their nonsensical vitriol and willful ignorance helped open her eyes a little. Kudos to the two on the agree line for staying calm and collected while dealing with the aforementioned vitriol.

What fortitude on his part, because it truly is SO much more powerful to let someone dig their own grave of hypocrisy. Someday that young woman is going to watch this and cringe. I also find it exceedingly telling that those two don't feel comfortable enough to have their faces shown whilst the others do.

I agree, I also laughed to myself that blue Seahawks kept interrupting the black trans person beside her to preach about the struggles of black people and trans people. Lol - practice what you preach.

Oh my goodness this is an outrageous display of ignorance. Thank you for sharing this!

The ‘agree’ arguments make literally no sense, they are throwing themselves under the bus. Every time the woman in the blue speaks, I die a little bit inside. She needs to go see the real world.

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Wow. The blatant ignorance.

"Could anything change your mind?"


Others: I mean, yeah, evidence.

TRAs: Bigots!

Yeah, they sure care about words meaning things and being open minded...

That was actually frightening

I can’t believe there are idiots like this that are or will be in power