I agree. I don't want to give any oxygen to Kiwi farms/Matt Walsh/Tucker Carlson or any other nefarious conservative men. I don't want to censor women's voices, but I would much rather talk about how Martina Navratilova is helping share the issue of TiMs in women's sports or how WDI is hosting a conference to protect women's rights or how NordicModelNow is helping women share their stories of the prostitution trade. We have no power over these conservatives, they are only using us.

Ignore, block, focus on women helping women.

Well put, I think it’s really about remembering what our focus is supposed to be.

The situation with KF is different because they are being completely deplatformed. They are asshats, no doubt, but if they go down then the less offensive sites are now ripe for the pickings and are at risk, too.

Subscribed! She's great.

Also this is exactly the debate we had about aligning ourselves with creeps like Tucker and Walsh a few weeks ago and unfortunately this view seems to be held in the minority around here. Super disappointing.

Unfortunately it’s going to happen. The only question in my mind is who is going to set it off first. Will antifa succeed in killing a radical feminist or lesbian, or will one of the many rw militias (or lone wolves) succeed in killing a drag queen / agp in the women’s restrooms at the mall. There is no amount (again unfortunately) disassociation that American radical feminists can do because our country is bitterly polarized. There’s no third option. Even before guys like Watt Malsh came on the scene, radical feminists were slurred as fascists. It’s not about association, association is just the cherry on top. It’s about a shared belief. I share the believe with Mr. Malsh that men cannot be women, nor vice versa. No amount of disavowing him is going to soften that fact in the mind of the enemy.