What is up with people who feel the need to make videos while driving? Is it really worth the risk to your life and others to drive distracted so we can get a 30 second summary on your oversized clitoris?

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I'm sorry these women had to find out the hard way, and only after they detransition. I've seen far too many TIFs glorifying and even obsessively measuring the growth of their "T-dicks" despite the pain and discomfort it causes them. Especially if they have metoidioplasty in the lineup.

There was a sub I remember that was mentioned on here before, specifically aimed at "cis" women who wanted to eXpeRiMenT with getting a bigger clitoris by basically fucking around and finding out by "microdosing" themselves with unprescribed testosterone. Like. Fucking stop. You're fine as you are. Stop.

Oh nice. Exulansic got her channel back. Thanks for sharing!

This is horrific. The clitoris is designed the way it is for a reason. Its not supposed to be constantly stimulated. So of course artificially increasing its size is going to result in constant discomfort and pain.

The notion that young girls can consent to this is horrifying. These poor girls had no idea what they were getting into. And, even if they detransition, they'll have to live with these changes for the rest of their lives. 😥

Yeah, apparently it grows big enough that the clitoral hood no longer covers it at all. Imagine your bare clitoris rubbing on fabric all day!! Ouch.

This is disgusting. Absolutely horrifying. No child can consent to this.