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Unpopular opinion: Even though I am in agreement with this mother's views on gender ideology and I wish her and her daughter all the best, I still am against any parent on any side of the "gender wars" posting photos and material online which reveal intimate details about their minor children's private lives and personal mental health struggles even when the intent is to "celebrate" their children's desistance from a trans identity and perceived triumph over past MH struggles as in this case.

In my view, parents would serve their children's longterm interests and bolster their mental health far better by modeling restraint when it comes to social media. Broadcasting very personal information about such matters as minor children's middle school and teenage identity struggles, sexual orientation, suicide attempts and hospitalizations to the whole world via the internet - especially in ways that reveal the children's names, faces and locations - shows a disregard for appropriate boundaries and does the kids no favor, IMO.

Even before the age of social media, I was against parents of all political persuasions using their minor age children as show ponies for any reason. And I opposed parents putting their minor kids in the public eye like this even in situations where the kids said that being put on public display and having the intimate details of their lives and "issues" divulged to the whole world was/is what they themselves wanted at the time.

Also, my experience is that even kids and young adults who have desisted from trans ideology (and other cultish beliefs) and have survived a serious episode of clinical depression that led to a suicide attempt and hospitalization in a MH facility usually still are very vulnerable and have a lot of issues to work out. Recovery from most mental health problems is a long-term process, one day at a time and all that, so in my view it's premature, injudicious and a bit pie-in-the-sky for a parent whose child has had a suicide attempt fairly recently to take to Twitter and YouTube to announce publicly that the child is now "thriving" and "doing great" as though everything is totally hunky dory and there will be only smooth sailing in the months and years ahead.

I agree - especially when in the video interview she emphasized how healthy it was to help her daughter to disconnect from the internet and meet other humans in real life. Seems like both she and her daughter are still working through the trauma of being doxxed and targeted.

The TRAs have got her Twitter account deleted now anyway