What an interesting time capsule. I was only able to watch it in small segments throughout the day but I kept coming back to it. This is a great reminder of what many went through in order just to be who they were and be with who they loved.

Funny aside: There are about three splices of what I can only guess are a different film/video within this - each last only about a second or two - each is of a man who is saying something, but it passes so fast I could not catch what was being said. At first I was thinking this was deliberate - like some sort of male commentary on what these women were saying, but then I realized that someone must have recorded over another video. Another link back to a time when we all used to reuse VHS tapes instead of buying a blank one.

Thanks for posting this.

It looks like it's a whole movie about gay men and women.


The video that was posted just included the women.

That's a fascinating piece of history. Thanks so much for posting it.