This was a brilliant take down of this creepy, Joker faced fucker. For the life of me, I do not understand how that sexist asshole has so many fans willing to play attack dog for him and destroy a young girl over a mild parody.

This guy is the biggest male chauvinist PIG I have seen in a long time.

He’s a caricature of a TIM, who are already caricatures of women. Mind blowing.

Oh my god, she absolutely killed it. The clips in the middle of ThatDaneshGuy were harrowing. Terrifying, honestly. That man HATES women, so so so deeply, in a totally different way than Dylan.

That terrified me, too. He acknowledged that she's just a kid who may very well change her stance later in life. But he is still delighting in RUINING her life and obsessively stalking her and trying to dox anyone who associates with her! He's sending moles into her fucking Discord! And for what? Its not like Dylan will care and reward him by letting him suck the Barbie Stick. He just gets off on the idea of ruining this girl for the crime of lightly mocking a TIM.

This is proof that trans ideology is just misogyny in lipstick. They don't want dialog. They don't want to change minds. They want to violently silence any woman who stands up to this shit.

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"Day 78 of being a girl and I am packing for my first new york week fashion trip EVER!" snort

You sure are, big guy!

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I feel like one of the things that pisses me off the most about this dude is how perfectly he resembles the boy-like heroin waif model that was held up as the epitome of beauty in the 90s. It is a beauty ideal that few women are able to achieve.

What happened to that anger when women said "Stop making our girls feel like they aren't good enough because of female standards that require massive effort to adhere to! Stop telling our teenage girls that they ought to look like adolescent boys!" ???

I don't want to body shame. I know some people are just thin by nature and that's how they look and they have no control over how someone else feels when looking at their body. I would never say of a naturally thin woman that she should be ashamed of how bad she makes fat women feel. I'm a little afraid of this camparison being taken the wrong way... but he is, actually, a very thin, very boyish looking man. Because he is... a man. We have girls and women praising him for celebrating his girlhood but he is. A. Man. We have girls hating their bodies as they develope curves both through bone structure and fat deposits and here we have this narrow hipped, thin thighed, flat chested MAN exemplify what so many stuggling adolescents are wishing they could be.

Think back to Kate Moss, Calista Flockhart, etc if you're old enough... the media was full of what a bad influence they were on girls. How damaging this drive for thinness was for girls' self esteem. But this... this is celebrated as girlhood???

I have similar thoughts about the boys who go on blockers and live as girls at the 12yo age range.. when the boys are still CHILDREN and the girls are struggling with their body image... it's so much more common than I ever realized to battle with those changes. And here come the boys, looking better as a girl than the girls themselves think they look... it seems to demented. It is toxic, but it matter more that we uphold the mens' feelings than be able to discuss what this is doing to girls.