In this video, I address this "new" definition of woman that is supposed to be non-circular, whilst also including transwomen. This definition is based on the idea that there is a "subconscious sex." (Hint: this new definition of womanhood is circular by necessity because it has to include transwomen).

This definition originated from Julia Serano, who explains the idea further in his book, "Whipping Girl: A Transsexual Woman on Sexism and the Scapegoating of Femininity." I address his ideas about the consequences of conscious gender identification vs "subconscious sex."

We learned from my first video, Men and Women Are Not Opposites, that sexism is about a hatred of women, not femininity. In my first video I explain that if sexism was about the hatred of femininity and not femaleness, butch women would be beloved and celebrated. So, that debunks the subtitle of Julia Serano's book already.

The idea of subconscious sex suggests that brain sex is a real thing, so I debunk that in my video as well, while citing research by neuroscientists.

PLEASE NOTE that I believe that most differences in behavior between men and women don't come from their inborn nature or brains, but rather come from the results of male and female socialization respectively. We don't do biological determinism here.