Thank you, you brave woman! I’m sick of all the right-wing videos explaining this as women being “naturally” submissive and agreeable.

We’re really not naturally kind. We’ve had our instincts beaten out of us from social conditioning to “be kind.”

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I love these because it shows just how idiotic and unformed trans right activists thoughts are. This is just a woman who is trying to be very nice, probably has lived a very cloistered privileged life, who doesn’t understand the difference between an opinion piece in a case study that wants to be molecular geneticist like the woman who actually is and speaks clearly factually, albeit in the presence of emotion which is due.

I consider all women like the woman on the left traitors. How clearly she values the feelings of men over that of women.

Me too. It seriously infuriates me. “I consider myself to be a very compassionate person.” Then where’s your compassion for women? My god, and that BS she spouted at the end that it’s okay because women face rape risks anyways. Then she compares giving up female spaces to TiMs with women finally getting the right to pursue a higher education.

My god, and that BS she spouted at the end that it’s okay because women face rape risks anyways.

That part made me SEETHE! That simpering handmaiden is so fucking privileged that she can't see the difference between the nominal risk she faces when walking to her Ivy League dorm and the guaranteed risks faced by women who are literally LOCKED IN CAGES with male rapists in prison!

I wish someone had asked her if she'd be willing to share a cell with the "brave trans-woman" who raped and impregnated two female cell mates in New Jersey. Or how she'd feel if her little sister was locked in with a male who was convicted of raping and murdering multiple young girls.

The reason women like her don't care if imprisoned women get raped is because she has so little knowledge of women who are socially "beneath her" (ie poor women, homeless women, incarcerated women, DV & rape survivors, etc) that they might as well be space aliens in her mind.

This is why I don’t even bother talking to handmaidens. Even if you ask them such questions, they will disengage their brain to stay indoctrinated. They only change when something happens to them personally to shift their worldview.

It’s so insulting. Anyone with a very basic understanding of argumentation can see how disjointed their thought processes. This movement takes advantage of people who aren’t critical thinkers. And people like this woman, who pursue science degrees, think that they are immune, yet you can be highly educated and will not a critical thinker. Saddens me so!

What I appreciate about his exercises is that it points out how very little people have formed an opinion both of their own stance, but also of the stance of the other. Is it Seneca? Who said that you can’t understand your own argument unless you fully understand your opponents? And the fact that on either side, safe for the mail, they couldn’t think of why or under what conditions they would change their beliefs I think is telling. But for the woman on the far right of the spectrum, it’s clear that past trauma and a sense of danger have hijacked her nervous system so that it’s difficult to think. And you can see this on the left side as well. The woman is so unsure of herself that she’s worried about what other people are thinking about her instead of what her arguments are. And it’s only for this this experiment is good because it asks someone to stand on the merit of their argument versus the support of the crowd

Yea, that last bit was truly fucked up on multiple levels. Those women were putting themselves at risk whereas the TIMs are putting others at risk.

I don't understand why he didn't ask if "Do you have any empathy for other women?" or "Why are you only considered whether the man wants to be in a woman's prisons? Do you care whether or not the other women are okay with being locked in a cell with a male criminal?". I think that might have made her move.

I’ve seen him facilitate others of these and he does try to stay true to his rules purpose in just facilitating the exercise, though he does from time to time, seemingly because he can’t help himself, as I would be unable to, ask pointed questions; tho Hugh I agree that would’ve been swell.

It’s a fine line between asking clarifying questions and asking questions in a way that betrays his own orientation on that spectrum.

Honestly though, people like her wouldn’t move because when people choose some thing they feel like you’re just sticking to it will be the thing that makes it real, and there’s only becomes hardened as they’re in ability to explain their own side or refute actual rebuttals comes into play. The only thing that would probably have made her move is if she felt shamed by the crowd. Which really points you too what’s truly guiding her

I think he could have asked it in a way that might have seemed impartial. Like, simply asking her to clarify which people she has empathy for and who gets the right to chose whom they are imprisoned with. "So you think a man should be able to chose whether or not he is imprisoned with men or women? Do women also get to chose whether or not there are men in their prison?"

To anyone who isn't a TRA, this would sound impartial. Unfortunately, demonstrating any consideration for women is considered partial in this debate since it's a male supremacist movement. But not considering women and only considering men is definitely partial too.

I was torn between feeling bad for the meek handmaiden (she was clearly TERRIFIED of accidently slipping up and saying something to anger the trans cult) and wanting to slap her when she blithely said that TIMs raping female inmates is no big deal because "prison rape happens all the time anyway".