Ex-vet-tech here. I have worked with many conditions that that some cannot tolerate: maggots inhabiting every body cavity eating away a living animal, prolapsed organs (some necrosing), dehisced surgical incisions with organs protruding or exposed (while the animal is trying to eat its own viscera), proptosed globes, medically-necessary perineal urethrostomies and handling animal bodies after various causes of death (not just humane euthanasia). I don't think twice about it. It's my job, or was in the recent past, and I have the stomach to handle it all. Nothing like holding a seizing puppy while it drips parasite-laden diarrhea all over everything in the immediate area.

I cringed at those pictures. They make me angry. THAT right there, THAT procedure, what THAT person is doing to himself--that should go against every single person's idea of what constitutes basic humanity. Even if this person's recovery is abnormal in ANY way, there is absolutely nothing natural about it and no reason any person should ever be forced to undergo that, even by choice.

The new normal sucks and I can't believe folks denigrate themselves as people to become this deluded about what it takes to be a human being.

The update about finally being able to shave his legs... while part of his crotch is dying off. So bizarre.

The pictures are still on his reddit if anyone wants to be scarred for life. He posted another update just today - catheter and necrotic bit are gone! But it still looks horrid of course.

At some point i almost gave a fuck... But no. Go on, castrate yourselves males!