How fucking dare they speak that way to the wombs that BIRTH THEM and the existence of their culture. 😤😤😤. It is those Women’s country MORE than it’s any man’s!! The dumb fuck audacity of womens mutant creations to think they own us this way.

These women are an example of bravery for the whole world! I think they will lead to a new era in their country.

I really really hope so. Let the young brave women take over the country. If only the rest of the world minus Israel wasn't doing dirty deals with them because of oil. I hope this is a true revolution and not just another excuse for the Regime to tighten the screws even harder. May the goddess protect and bless all the women children and men of Iran.

These women are extremely brave. They are heroines and I hope they can lead their country to a new era. The West is worried about pronouns ffs when this is going on.

This lifts me up high. Beautiful and aweinspireing. Stunning and brave women of Iran ✊❤️✊

My word, I am just floored by the bravery and strength of these women.