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Good to point out that it is not "genital preference" per se. The dick may be the most sexually disgusting and repulsive part of men (including the men who larp as "lesbians") to lesbians. But even if a man has his junk made into a surgical front hole or takes massive doses of opposite sex hormones, his whole body is still male. All of it. Every cell in their bodies.

Lesbians don't reject "transwomen" because they are "trans". We reject them because they are men. No man ever should even approach a lesbian for dating/sex because the answer is NO before they even ask.

I've gotten a lot of trans people on Tik Tok telling me that nobody talks about the "cotton ceiling", and that nobody is pressuring, coercing, shaming, bullying, and slandering lesbians into dating and sleeping with transwomen. I made my first TRA receipt compilation to show that's not the case.

In the second TikTok video, I talk about "genital preference" and how it's a misleading term meant to over-simplify and misconstrue the lesbophobic and homophobic nature of the conflict going on between lesbians and transbians/trancels.

Follow me on YouTube if you want to see more videos, as I'm likely going to get my device perma-banned from Tik Tok soon, meaning I'll be unable to make new accounts. If there is a way to post videos on Tik Tok from my desktop PC I'll find a way to do it.

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