Wow, what a list of mental and emotional difficulties, which were ignored to sell this guy trans kool-aid. I wonder how much money the medical industry made off this.

And they keep making money off him. He will need a lifetime of surgeries and medication to manage all the damage done.

You know how you hear people talk about the male sex drive as being so powerful, it's essentially built our civilisation, caused men to go exploring and invent things, etc (I know this is a view you hear from men) - but it's like, at moments like these, it hits me that the male sex drive, when applied to porn poisoning and AGP, winds up with trying to go beyond the natural limits of the human body for the purposes of sex. It gets funnelled into creating sex organs to replicate a female's, for the purpose of satisfying a male sex drive that got misdirected onto itself.

Anyone see the film 'Ex Machina'? It's like the misogyny of what the android / AI creator did in that film, but directed onto his own body, with exactly the kind of body horror and nihilism resulting that you'd expect from someone lost in their own masturbation, paraphilia and view of women-as-object.

Not meant as a comment at all on Shape, who I don't know a lot about. Just when I hear about these surgeries and the Dr Frankenstein shit these dr's are doing in the service of AGP...