Jesus--listening to her literally not realising that everyone who interacts with her knows she's a TIF (if not just a regular nongendered woman). Yes, I hate to break it to you, but everyone you interact with is 'being nice'. We think it's lying too, but either we think protecting your feelings is more important than being truthful, or we're afraid of what you and your TRA compatriots would do to us if we were truthful.

Yes this bit really struck me too. Like that is exactly what is going on, people have just been nice and polite, mainly because they have to.

This is a really unfortunate side effect of the whole TRA enforced “be kind” messaging, like we aren’t allowed to say what we really think, anyone who does is swiftly ostracised, banned, suspended etc.

On Reddit right now, there will be trans related posts with just heaps of deleted comments - there is where you’ll find the truth.

As an EDS patient myself, I am stunned that she would be allowed to take T given the heart problems it causes and the heart problems that can develop with EDS. As soon as she clutched her chest and said “sorry I don’t know what’s going on,” I thought it’s mitral valve prolapse.

This woman is being seriously failed by the medical system. It’s bad enough that knowledge of EDS and POTs is limited among doctors, and for her to be transitioned without consideration for for EDS and then left to be detransitioned with no medical supervision is appalling.

I could only tell she’s a woman because of her voice. She has the signature TiF voice. The way she speaks, though, is definitely female.

Good for her. Whenever I see the stories of detransitioners I’m always so worried that they’re doing what they did by transitioning, which is fitting themselves into a gendered box. So they go back to the gender stereotypes that fit their sex, but they never really let themselves be free (or “authentic”, if you will). I don’t think that’s the case with KC. She seems like such an intelligent woman that is getting into a good headspace for the journey ahead.

I hope that she detransitions safely and that she doesn’t have long-lasting medical complications from this. Good luck and good wishes from me, KC!

Good for her. She absolutely comes across female. That said I’m sure the vocal change and hair loss feel really hard to deal with, but she seems to be coping okay. And I’d still clock her as female for sure. All the best to her.