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In defense of Cecily, she's a huge advocate for abortion rights and the #metoo movement.

Having said that, it's ridiculous for SNL to try and claim that Democrats are on the side of women. They hold abortion over our head (Biden's "we'll attempt to legally encode Roe if we win in the midterms ") and abortion is so blatantly low on their priorities list.

I know,right?! Its like, I agree this is a problem, b7t voting for the dems isnt the solution

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Lots of fear-based Dem disinfo talking points. Hopefully people will recognize it as propaganda from the current admin and follow the exhortation to vote for change.

SNL carries on its decades-long tradition of not being as good or funny as it used to be.

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I wish there was a real chance at change in American politics. I'm not sure I believe that any more.

Democrats had years to do something about abortion rights. They didn't and don't, except close to election time.

Republicans had years to do something about trans mania, especially in schools. They didn't and don't, except close to election time.

Once the carrot has lured the targeted voters to vote the way each party wants, the stick will be pulled away, maybe dangling the carrot at a distance here and there to keep voters invested. But ultimately: No carrot for us.

Third parties? Ha. They don't have a real chance and never did.

I wouldn't be surprised if most politics is largely theater designed to keep certain people in power, across parties, by periodically granting and threatening certain rights and convincing the masses their votes somehow count.