I just watched all of the speakers (including Prisha) - they alternated between GC and TRA's - which meant not only was she brave - she had to follow a TRA and their group was sometimes.....raucous.

For anyone interested, here's the link: https://thefloridachannel.org/videos/11-4-22-florida-boards-of-medicine-and-osteopathic-medicine-joint-meeting/

What an incredibly brave woman. It take so much strength and courage to stand up and tell their stories so that others can be spared from medicalization. I hope that one day all of the detransioners who have stood up for themselves and others are able to recognize the strength they have within themselves and the immense impact they’re making. They’re heroes and will be remembered as such once this ethical atrocity is behind us.

Wow. What a brave woman. May her courage radiate to others who feel lost and alone like this.

Thanks for posting.