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This is another Tik Tok Receipt Compilation, this time cataloging instances of autoandrophilia I found in the wild, as well as boxer ceiling receipts from (mostly trans masculine) homophobes who feel entitled to sexual access to gay men.

I think any woman can be an autoandrophile, regardless of whether they are a lesbian/homosexual transsexual, bisexual, pseudo-bisexual, or heterosexual. But many of them are heterosexual/bisexual women with autohomoeroticism. In my experience, I don't see autoandrophiles acting in a malignant way to the degree that many autogynephiles do. But many of them (often sexually) harass gay men and feel entitled to their bodies for validation, and overall can be huge fujoshi homophobes. Many of them seem to be more self-aware than autogynephiles, and that's something I noticed when looking for receipts of people's experiences with autoandrophilia.

I think autoandrophilia is also much more about fetishizing humanization, receiving basic respect, having dignity, and coping with internalized misogyny. They also desire to have relationships with equal power dynamics or wish to feel more powerful in general. That's why heterosexual autoandrophiles pursue gay men as "men" and homosexual transsexuals pursue relationships with women as "men." Don't get me wrong though, many of them are very misogynistic and tend to have the "not like other girls" type of attitude. However, autogynephiles seem much more interested in fetishizing women's dehumanization, experiences with misogyny, and sexual objectification. But women are definitely starting to catch up with men in terms of sexual entitlement to homosexual people.

I picked the extremely homophobic song "Ur So Gay" by Katy Perry because I like interpreting the song as if Katy Perry is a transman fujoshi who is angry that a feminine gay man isn't interested in her, and would say something to the effect of "You're so gay and you don't even like (trans) boys."