It is outrageous that it took nearly a DECADE for this trial to even start!

Yeah, the murder occurred in Nov 2016, and the trial just started on Halloween (Oct 31st) of 2022.

Delays were explained as due to COVID, inability to access required psych report as Rivers was pleading "Not Guilty" by reason of insanity...but then, on first day of proceedings, it's announced that Rivers's plea had been changed to "Not guilty"!πŸ˜΅β€πŸ’«

So glad that a volunteer for LGB Alliance USA plans to attend every day, represent, report back.

COVID is a bullshit excuse because the murders occurred in 2016. I know courts tend to drag their asses and "speedy trials" are a myth. But this trial still should have been settled long before COVID became a factor in 2020

I just pray Newsom doesn't pardon this fucker

So damning that only two legacy mainstream U.S. media outlets, "People" magazine and San Jose Mercury News newspaper have reported recently on this case/trial...at least so far.

So frustrating that both outlets call Rivers via "she/her" pronouns, and don't mention his earlier activism in trying to access or shut down Michfest, an All-Woman music festival via Camp Trans.

Even worse is the newspaper's assertion that the conflict arose due to issues between FEMALE victim Dana Reed and FEMALE bike club and its club "enforcer" Dana Rivers, whose self-identification as female was not even mentioned.

The narrative promoted by the D A.'s office seems to be FEMALE on FEMALE violence, despite the fact that the murderer himself was actually male.


This is why we need more actual feminist media outlets owned and run by women.