Maya Forstater talks about her court case and what it means for protecting freedom of speech and women's rights.

Followed by a discussion with Julie Bindel: Resistance and resilience are two of the main components of grassroots feminism. We are currently facing a tsunami of misogyny, much of it dressed up as progressiveness. Hilla Kerner, Lucy Masoud, Rosie Duffield, and Martina Navratilova (online) discuss strategies to not just survive but thrive under such pressure. With performances from Susan Hawthorne and Nehanda.

To get involved with FiLiA, visit: https://www.filia.org.uk/

Thanks for posting, I listened to the FiLia conference with my morning workout at the gym. Love Bindel, love Navratilova, good to hear the whole story from Maya Forstater. Also I have not heard Rosie Duffield speak yet, but it was great to hear from her. The London Firefighter and the lady from Vancouver Rape Relief. As I was listening but not watching I have not remembered their names, but they too were phenomenal.

This really is worth watching/listening if you have time.

Lucy Masoud is the firefighter-turned-barrister, and Hilla Kerner is the lady from VRR. And I love hearing Rosie Duffield speak. She's so soft-spoken but such a warrior! :)