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Me too. I found it funny because she was harping on something she was doing like 6 months ago.

I believe people can be crypto radfems. Let's say you have an ethical source for eyeliner and a woman profits from its purchase. And you have a high-powered job in a male dominated field. Wearing makeup will help you and not wearing it will hurt you. If you can help "the cause" in numerous other ways by getting promotions and power, it doesn't make sense to die on the makeup hill.

I also don't get pointing fingers at wearing makeup. If it's "not really a choice" how can we condemn the women who comply?

That's just my opinion.

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Yes i agree. I actually work in STEM as a researcher and it's VERY male dominated. I donate to my country's Feminist organization (one that's not trans captured). I think I'm doing fine. I kind of like the FDS approach which is very result focused: they say make-up is a low risk high reward behavior in this current society while for example sending nudes is a high risk low reward behavior and heavily discouraged.