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I'm sorry she got so much hate for the makeup post. I'm still wearing makeup at work so i won't call myself radfem although i agree with most stances of radical feminism. However i also think we should not laser focus on purity tests on who can be a feminist because the last thing we need is infighting when our enemies have so much power and a united front.

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Me too. I found it funny because she was harping on something she was doing like 6 months ago.

I believe people can be crypto radfems. Let's say you have an ethical source for eyeliner and a woman profits from its purchase. And you have a high-powered job in a male dominated field. Wearing makeup will help you and not wearing it will hurt you. If you can help "the cause" in numerous other ways by getting promotions and power, it doesn't make sense to die on the makeup hill.

I also don't get pointing fingers at wearing makeup. If it's "not really a choice" how can we condemn the women who comply?

That's just my opinion.

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Lisa here. I wasn't condemning any women, I literally never did that. I'm saying as an act, wearing makeup is not a radical feminist act, because it doesn't contribute to the liberation of women from oppression - instead it reinforces the "need" for makeup and also contributes financially to an industry that thrives off of women's degradation and low self esteem. Benefitting from it personally - in your example, wearing it at your job - does not make it a radical feminist act. That just means you wear it and benefit from it personally. That's all.

YES, I used to wear makeup and I don't any longer because I've reached the next stage in my personal evolution as a feminist. I used to be a full blown libfem (confessions here), now I'm not, but because I once was am I not supposed to critique libfems? I find a lot of things "problematic" that I used to be okay with. I believe we are allowed to evolve and change our thinking - I wouldn't be here "harping" (misogynistic term btw) on this stuff if I didn't think women couldn't change their minds (and benefit from doing so).

I don't believe in purity tests and I literally never attacked any woman here or anywhere else or said they should be kicked out of the club or something. I for sure would NOT pass a purity test, but I do believe in standards within the framework of radical feminism - that's what makes it radical feminism. It's watering it down and saying any choice a woman makes is a feminist choice that got us liberal feminism. That's a main thrust of my argument in the video.

I REALLY DO genuinely appreciate you sharing my video but please don't put words in my mouth. Thanks

edit-a word

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I didn't mean to put words in your mouth, I apologize for being hyperbolic. I also didn't realise "harping" was misogynistic, so thank you for pointing that out.

I never meant to imply that wearing makeup could ever be a Radical feminist act. I'm saying if women understand the context, they could still be Radical feminists while employing makeup to avoid disenfranchisement.

I haven't worn it in years, except for job interviews. We all know most people consider makeup for women part of being "well groomed". So in that context, I use makeup to get a job (then don't wear it for work) and have money to fight the patriarchy another day. I don't consider this a radfem act, just "not dying on the makeup hill".

The last lines of your makeup post do say "...if this truth of Radical feminism makes you uncomfortable, I invite you to explore one of those [be a libfem]" so this isn't "kicking them out", but it is gesturing to the door.

I think this is unduly harsh; that women should be uncomfortable with their own faces has been drilled into them since birth. It should be expected that doing the exact opposite will include doubt, take time and be uncomfortable.

I honestly think you could consider it a win that everyone went nuts on your makeup post. You are pointing out blind spots that women have and giving everyone stuff to think about.

I noticed on your video "radfems in eyeliner" you said many women on ovarit "haven't cracked Sheila jefferies or dworkin". I think this could be considered a "purity test" that you're implying they failed. I just want to say there are women/girls on here who want to be radfems, and haven't read all the texts yet. It can be intimidating. I really wish we had a book club of some sort.

Anyways, glad to see you on ovarit!

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Yes i agree. I actually work in STEM as a researcher and it's VERY male dominated. I donate to my country's Feminist organization (one that's not trans captured). I think I'm doing fine. I kind of like the FDS approach which is very result focused: they say make-up is a low risk high reward behavior in this current society while for example sending nudes is a high risk low reward behavior and heavily discouraged.