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Even if BLM is an important cause, there's still an overlap between BLM protestors and TRAs, and sections of BLM also exhibit cult-like behavior and thought. If anyone is in doubt about this, just look to the Evergreen State College incident. Interestingly, one of the leaders during this incident was also a TIM.

Brett Weinstein (a Jewish man) has since been labeled an Alt Right, simply for refusing to stay away from campus for a day "because he is white."

I believe that black lives matter, but there's a huge sub-set of BLM protestors that live and breathe Critical Theory, which I don't. Those people think it's OK to stifle other people's thoughts, and that any means are excused in achieving their goal (which seems to be domination). Those people are dangerous, and they either don't know or understand history very well.

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I can't stand CRT because it either completely ignores Asians or says they're white with white privilege.

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Yes, and also labeling poor light-skinned people as having privilege, and very rich POC as not having any privilege.

Critical Theory (whether in connection with gender or race) also uses a model that might work to understand large groups in society, but then takes that same model to label and judge individuals. Furthermore, on the basis of this model CT creates a hierarchy of purity, which is how we end up with all these witch hunts/ McCarthy-ish lists/ struggle sessions.

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It always goes like this

Men’s rights

Black men’s rights

Other men’s rights

Yet more men’s rights

Some women’s rights