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i teared up. i fucking hate patriarchy. i hate. and people condemn separatists. are they blind or what? we have the right to stay away from this class that predates on us.

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Vanessa Vokey's new video is awesome! She doesn't erroneously say she's a radfem anymore so I fully endorse her work.

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i thought she was a radfem. why do you say it would be an error for her to say that?

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There were some screenshots on tumblr of her in comments on her Instagram, calling out BLM. While BLM can be critiqued a lot and apparently funnels money to the trans lobby, she called it a "terrorist organization" which is patently false. She then went on to say "only individuals can be racist" and that systems can't be racist. Not believing in systemic racism is a liberal/conservative view. How could she think there is systemic patriarchy but not systemic racism?

She also went on to say BLM was "trying to destroy everything" as if that is a bad thing, I'm assuming because they are Marxists. Radical feminism is about abolishing oppression from the roots, which is our patriarchal and capitalist system. Radical feminism was created by Marxists also.

She also said something iffy about abortions, I forget which video unfortunately.

If any more knowledgeable or eloquent wims wanna jump in I hope you do! Also if Vanessa is reading this, let me know if I have misinterpreted anything, of course we would prefer hearing straight from you.

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Im glad for this post. I like Vanessa's work, but she says some things about race and other stuff I dont agree with sometimes. There was also a Maya Forester interview where she implies that the transgender agenda is being pushed by "diverse young women" onto older white men who can no longer say no, in the UK. I love radfem videos but sometimes white folk say some weird shit sometimes.

Edit: I actually checked out her Instagram. Oof. Fatshaming, which is weird because criticizing womens' physical appearances is a very patriarchal thing to do, and asking why black on white crime isnt spoken more about in media. What does that have to do with BLM, police brutality, or hate crimes?