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Ok, unpopular opinion, but Planned Parenthood does more good than harm, especially for on-demand abortion and has a legally hard time with all those conservative pervert men trying to destroy them. Yeah, i'm going to err on the side of Planned Parenthood here. Probably the only institution so large and (dare i say it) powerful that protects women's rights of bodily autonomy. This is just providing ammo to incel conservatives.

I completely agree with you about the good that Planned Parenthood does. I have been going to them for over Dozen Years for my birth control, i also got pap smears there prior to covid.

I wonder if you actually watch the entire video, because it has changed my views on them. Especially when I go there and see the lack of women based language anymore. They say men can have periods, they are denying material reality. They are pushing girls to go on testosterone. The STD screenings and birth control and abortion as they perform are very helpful, but are not generating any money. Unfortunately the world is a business and the pharmaceutical companies are giving money to Planned Parenthood

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No, i didn't. Youtube talking heads aren't really my thing, they are really slow to get the point. I don't care about what PP calls me, i care about the bottom line. Does PP increase or decrease the bodily autonomy of women? It increases it, even if they call me "They". That's ideological sophistry, i care about the material world, will PP get rid of an unwanted pregnancy, yes or no? And it's yes and they have a billion dollar lobby for that. Who else is going to provide it for me? I'm not going to throw that away because of a word i don't like. Believing in material reality cuts both ways this time. Language be damned.

You didn't watch the video to learn the information in it.

Hopefully someone much kinder than me will explain to you whats going on.