“My toddler-age daughter has noticed my internalized misogyny, and it makes her uncomfortable—MuSt Be TrAnS!”

There are entire YouTube compilations of toddlers losing their minds because Daddy shaved his beard or Mommy dyed her hair. But NOBODY in this poor girl's life (including her THERAPISTS) considered that her distress could stem from her beautiful mother mutating into some scraggly, Muppet-voiced "man"!? Nobody considered that watching her mother reject womanhood MIGHT have influenced her to do the same!?

I feel so bad for for this precious little girl. I hope her father wises up and gets the kid out before mom starts dosing the kid with T.

There are too many fucking trans parents. Too many seahorse dads. Too many "second moms". None of them with the child's interests at heart. I hate this earth.

This is really, really obvious and sad. Children of Hazel's age do not have the ability to make these types of decisions and are not able to divorce their own feelings and opinions from those of their mother and father to a degree where they aren't really malleable. That father means well, but they're both deluded.

So much for letting the child decide. This child was literally grilled

I agree, this was a hard watch. Basically they noticed their daughter was having mental health issues, so they introduced her to gender confusion.

I also find it ironic that as much as they're promoting her as a "transboy," in the part where we actually see them asking "are you a boy today? Are you a girl today?" the daughter responds with "I'm a boy. I'm not a boygirl... I'm a girl."

For all their pushing, and for all her childhood language limitation, she still ends up correctly recognizing herself as a girl.

How many days do you think there have been where she says "I'm a girl" only for them to keep pushing until she says "okay, I'm a boy."

When did gender-neutral parenting go from "we let him/her play with all the toys he/she wants and dont enforce gender stereotypes on our child" to "uwu trans kids"?

For real though. In the 80s, there were LOTS of gender neutral toys. Stereotypes were obviously huge but not everything was 'pink unicorn princess fairy' / 'black pirate skelton dinosaur' coded. It is really easy to dress a 3-8 y o child in gender neutral clothes and colours and do something with their hair that doesn't immediately mark them out as either gender. Get them toys that they like and aren't gendered. No need to bother with pronouns or that 'are you a girl???' shit

I was raised like this (90s baby), played with toy cars and stuff. Had dinosaur books and hated pink or dresses. Now my son has the full "manly man" toys and color palette handed to him by patriachy, but we bought him a (neutral colored! Hard af to find!) toy kitchen and he babies his plushies. I actually want a daughter too but i'm scared to not be able to escape the gender stereotypes with her. Baby clothes are ALL PINK. ALL PRINCESS. FAIRY. More power to gnc kids!