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This has been the worst episode to watch so far. It's truly sickening how caustic Jeanette, Griffin and Sanders are towards Jazz. Greg was maybe the only semi-decent person who seemed to still be supportive, even if extremely uninvolved. Ari seems done with this shit but is obviously full of disdain for Jazz.

No one in this family fucking likes him. His own mother has labelled Jazz as "Jazz issues". He's not even a person to her anymore, let alone a son, he's just a goddamn burden that she can't wait to throw to college, except she still wants to look like a good supportive mother to others and she won't be able to take it out on him once he leaves.

Sanders is a fucking hypocrite. All that shit he posts on his socials about being a kind and loving ally - bullshit. Look at how he gaslights Jazz in that conversation near the end. It's sickening. Jazz is rightly calling him out on his abusive behavior and as all abusers do, Sanders just keeps shrugging it off, deflecting, telling Jazz he's wrong or that Jazz is refusing to be responsible.

It's so fucking sickening this family. No one in this family fucking cares about him. They're all abusive, and Jazz knows something is wrong but he doesn't know what, because he's never been allowed to know otherwise.

Even the fucking nutritionist was abusive ffs. She also looked somewhat anorexic to me which is kind of hypocritical given her position, and she clearly treated Jazz with contempt and disgust just because he answered wrongly that grains were proteins instead of carbs.

God. Sickening. I feel so bad for Jazz and I truly do not know how things can even turn around for him.

I was shocked when I saw the nutritionist as well. She might not be someone I'd take health advice from.

[–] Mikkal 32 points Edited

The inability to wake up, the swelling... ...

Jazz looks sick. Not fat. Sick.

"Jazz's doctors used tissue from her stomach lining."

Jazz looks like someone's who's digestive system isn't working properly, and as a result, is suffering malnutrition, and as a result, feels like they are starving, can't stop eating, feels like crap, and has no energy.

... And gee, who just had abdominal surgery that was experimental?

Jazz looks exactly like I did the year I started having symptoms of Celiac Disease - and when I eat wheat, I pass out and can't be woken up.

It’s so hard to diagnose exactly what’s going on but he’s on a boatload of medication for various things, is being pumped full of hormones, had painful experimental surgery and had his puberty stunted by “hormone blockers”. There’s probably all sorts of different damage done to his young body and this is just what’s manifesting now.

I feel horrible for him. I hope he is able to get some kind of financial retribution for what various quacks have done to him. His mother is a narcissistic nightmare but the fact remains that many doctors and surgeons enabled and allowed this to happen to a normal, healthy child.

I just think the first assumption should be something is wrong when there is sudden weight gain, rather than assuming it's emotional eating. Especially with the other symptoms I saw in the clip.

Same with the oversleeping! Exulansic pointed out the fact that the family is just shaming him for it and implying it’s proof of his inadequacy, but no one is even considering that a sleep specialist might be warranted. I had narcolepsy from sometime either in early high school or before, and my first semester at college I had to withdraw and come home. Struggled for 9 years before a diagnosis and my parents handled it like Jeanette and co. in this video, and never backed me up when I tried to mention the sleep issues to my doctor—my mom was too quick to laugh at me with my doctor for being “like his nursing students.” The cold water comment from Jeanette was especially familiar, and I’d be shocked if she wasn’t screaming and full of rage when the cameras are turned off and Jazz sleeps through something that might embarrass Jeanette. They’re all just trying to shame, guilt, intimidate, and harass the kid into being more convenient for the narcissistic mom.

Honestly this video brought up a lot of dark shit for me, too much of the way the family treats Jazz is extremely familiar (except Greg, who seems the least caught up in Jeanette’s bullshit). I hope someone slips this kid some information on narcissistic abuse. A lot of the difficulty I had controlling my narcolepsy symptoms (even after treatment) melted away once I learned about it and the fog finally melted. I didn’t feel like sleeping entire days away, I didn’t struggle to concentrate or think clearly. When your mind is constantly trying to make sense of how people can love you and still abuse you so often, how they can claim to do everything for you while mocking you mercilessly with anyone else who happens to be around and taking every chance to tell acquaintances your most embarrassing stories like they’re funny.. It’s a LOT of mental energy wasted. And for me at least the dissociation every day was a massive hurdle until I knew how to recognize situations that might cause it. Jazz seems better at calling out the abusive treatment sometimes but he looks like he hits the point of just dissociating and waiting for it to stop at least some of the time (hard to tell if that’s just reality tv cuts for increased tension though).

TL;DR: Actual medical tests and a break from the abuse would very likely improve Jazz’s daily issues right now, but Jeanette won’t ever think to try those.

It’s so hard to diagnose exactly what’s going on but he’s on a boatload of medication for various things....

The medication thing struck me. Jeanette said that Jazz takes 9 meds in the morning and nine at night. My dad is in his 70s and currently has cancer and diabetes. And my dad takes fewer meds than Jazz does in a day!!

Jazz was perfectly healthy before the adults in his life decided to experiment on him. Now, even if he peaks and detransitions, he'll still be dependent on meds and artificial hormones for the rest of his life (a life that will likely be shortened because his development was fucked with).

I REALLY hope heads roll at TLC and various doctors offices when this is all over. Jeanette & Greg are monsters, but they couldn't have done any of this if TLC and people like Bowers hadn't enabled them

Good point, I didn't even think about that. He's missing part of his colon, for crying out loud. Where is the doctor in all of this? Why are they pushing the sports and dieting when Jazz is clearly in medical distress?

He did not have the surgery using his colon. They used part of the abdominal lining. This is supposed to avoid the issues with foul odors.

Why is he missing part of his colon??

[–] platypus [OP] 10 points Edited

It's sensitive to talk about, and I say this not to shame him but to spread awareness for anyone who might be thinking of doing the same thing to their child...

Typically when a male undergoes genital surgery to craft a pseudo-vulva they cut of the penis, split it open, turn it inside out, and stitch it up to create the pseudo-vagina.
Because Jazz was put on puberty blockers and never experienced male puberty, his genitals were still toddler sized. So there was not enough penis to form the pseudo-vagina.
So they had to use an alternative technique where they take a segment of colon and fashion it into the pseudo-vagina.

Now that I'm thinking about it, I think I've also heard people talking about a new technique where they use a piece of stomach lining instead of colon. So maybe that's what they did to Jazz. But either way, it's safe to say his gastrointestinal tract has been altered in a significant way.

They don't use the stomach lining. The tissue comes from the abdominal lining. And Jazz has had binge eating disorder for years. He had to loose a lot of weight before they would do the surgery. Castrating him hand having to live with the trauma and reality of his mutilated body is just making it worse.

This was the most horrifying episode yet. I finally agreed with Exulansic that Jazz is developmentally harmed. Besides all the abuse he receives from that family on a daily basis, the fact that he's on all those meds and needs a team of clinicians just to get through the day, if he can even get up, I think the most striking thing in the whole nightmare was how it came to light that he was dilating in his parents' bedroom, and thoughtlessly left his lube there. They were so casual about it -- "sometimes I dilate in here, so I can watch TV." It just seems like a pretty intimate thing to speak so casually about with your parents.

Jazz is 21 years old. Why doesn't he have a TV or laptop in his room if he wants to watch, anyway?

Right? He has been working since childhood - someone's getting the money from the show, published books, youtube channel. He should have his own stuff.

[–] immersang 11 points Edited

That scene with the nutritionist in the kitchen, when Jazz’ mom and sister are hanging around in the background just to mock and sneer at him….I could hardly watch that.

What a horrible family.

I don't blame him for not wanting to eat his mother's food. I disagree with TT that his family is fucking with his food, but can you imagine the psychological stress? To have to eat the meals that your main abuser cooks for you? With all the nagging, guilt tripping, and shaming she seasons them with?

He cannot walk around that house for one minute without his family members saying shitty things.

Greg is the only one who is sorta kinda not always terrible. But he's a coward who does zip. Never, EVER do I recommend that a man "lay down the law" as the partriarch. But as a human, and a parent, he can tell the rest of his children to mind their own fucking business. Sander is a grown as man who hasn't had a proper romance in five fucking years. Ari has her PhD to work on. Back up Sander is getting a law degree, right? They all have stuff to do in their own lives.

And as a human he should stand up to Jeanette. There's just something about Greg that tells me he knows this is all horseshit. That actually makes him shittier. He's a family law attorney- he had the ability to shut this whole thing down when Jazz was little.

They all know it's horseshit. They all know that Jazz is a little boy and they ruined his life so that they could pretend he's a girl and not gay. They are constantly bringing it up and obsessing over it in the first season ("Jazz doesn't have a girl body" "Jazz needs an outfit that hides her penis" "What kind of man is going to find Jazz attractive").

As for Greg, I have an image saved that perfectly crystallizes the way he feels about his son. It's a look of barely contained disgust and contempt. I remember him describing this occasion: how humiliated he was seeing all the other dads with their little boys in suits and here he was with his son in a princess dress. After that incident, Jazz wanted to go out wearing a dress again and they had a massive fight. I can only imagine the slurs that were flung and the screaming that ensued. I remember how his parents described (looking absolutely mortified) that they thought his feminine behavior was a sign of him being gay before they were relieved to find that he was just "transgender". Their shocked and mildly disgusted reaction to Sander going on a date with a transsexual male.

Greg is just pretending to care. His position in the family is: big, strong, protector man who lords over the family and everyone must live under his balls, and his worthless masculine sons will be his little stooges and keep everyone in line, especially the lowest of the low: the failed man Jazz. He wants Jazz to live under his feet and like it. He will encourage Jazz to look up to him and see him as a protective figure even as he abuses him.

Go off girl. I never knew that stuff Greg did and said about Jazz but now that I do I definitely see it still reflected through his actions

And as a human he should stand up to Jeanette. There's just something about Greg that tells me he knows this is all horseshit. That actually makes him shittier. He's a family law attorney- he had the ability to shut this whole thing down when Jazz was little.

Greg strikes me as the type who just lets his wife handle all the household and childcare stuff while he focuses on work and his own hobbies.

He's a family law attorney. If he really thought this trans stuff was bullshit (and actually loved his children), he would have shut it down, got a divorce, and fought for full custody on the grounds that Jeanette is abusive and insane.

I don't blame him for not wanting to eat his mother's food. I disagree with TT that his family is fucking with his food, but can you imagine the psychological stress? To have to eat the meals that your main abuser cooks for you? With all the nagging, guilt tripping, and shaming she seasons them with?

I think Exulansic was just speculating, but yeah I totally agree. Why even be there at family mealtimes if they ruthlessly attack you every time??`Of course in a situation like that he's going to learn to grab whatever he sees as fast as he can, before his family members can spot him. Or just order takeout and avoid them completely.
Plus Jeanette is obviously ED herself so I'm sure her cooking is not exactly healthy or delicious.

Greg is the only one who is sorta kinda not always terrible. But he's a coward who does zip.

I think he's triangulating, as Exulansic (hilariously) mentioned with Sanders. I think he likes to play the "good guy" while the rest of the family attacks Jazz.

I know I'd struggle at mealtimes if my abusive relatives obsessively tracked how much butter I put on my food (and screamed at me in front of a TV camera if it was too much). No wonder he runs to McDonald's to eat in private! I would do the same thing!

I think it's a textbook symptom of binge eating disorder that the person is ashamed of how much they eat, and eats alone.

I don't think mom does a whole lot of cooking, though. She does a lot of drinking, talking to cameras, and shaming. How does she have time to cook?

And it seems to me that Jazz not only doesn't know anything about nutrition, but also doesn't really know how to cook either.

[–] ElectricBlue 7 points Edited

Does Jazz have breast implants? His fat distribution is very strange.

It's hard to gauge Jazz's developmental age because he seems to be parroting lines that have been scripted for him. He says things that are standard reality tv talking points, but it's hard to know how much he understands what he's saying.

No he doesn’t have them.

Really??? Because... those things are fucking HUGE. I know it's probably a combination of the estrogen and his weight but I had assumed that was in addition to having implants. Jesus... they hurt to look at. No wonder he couldn't do ten jumps without wheezing. I can't imagine the already permanent pain from the surgery and then back pain and breathlessness from the massive weight of those on top of it urgh

That's what I thought. And more than that, they just look... tight? And unusually high up. It honestly looks like they're strangling him. I wonder if that's what 'male' breasts look like after hormones, or maybe the tv people make him wear some weird undergarment to make him look more 'acceptable'. Or both.

Whenever she uploads Jazz videos she makes my day. Can't wait to see it after work!

I agree!! Her insights are almost always spot-on, and she strikes such a great balance between analysis, empathy and frankness. Such a valuable voice in the GC community.

Hope you have a good day at work BTW!

[–] LOriginedumonde 11 points Edited

Agreed. I’ll be listening to the video during my commute to school this morning, and will probably rewatch it when I get back home. Have a good day at work!

[–] demonista 6 points Edited

And this poor child (young adult, but so effed over in development from blockers, wrong sex hormones, surgeries... that he clearly has some arrested development physically and mentally) is one of the "success" stories to people on the trans train

He used to be. I don't really think they'll be able to say that anymore.

They are so damn abusive to her. It’s sickening. Sander is an abuser. They all are.

For some reason, Sander gives me the worst vibes of anyone on the show. I don't know why, because Jeanette is a monster, but something about Sander makes my skin crawl.

I know this video is serious. But I almost died laughing at that "Seven Days" joke at the two minute mark! 🤣

[–] usher 3 points Edited

The ordeal with her was creepy especially since her family came along, but I don't feel that it was necessary to spend so much time admonishing her looks. She actually looks decent in my opinion but it doesn't change the fact that she's extremely evil which is what we should be focusing on. It just struck me as petty.

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