She is really great at breaking this down. The point on how it is linked with women looking professional hit home. I felt compelled when I was in school and searching for jobs to wear makeup because of “professionalism”. I work in a male dominated field and now that I am working I don’t wear anything more than occasionally something to cover up acne if it pops up. I realized the time it took to put on my face was time my male co-workers were sleeping, getting ahead on work, or relaxing. They literally never have to wonder if it’s smeared or go to the bathroom to check it. It’s a shackle and a disadvantage. I now wake up and do yoga or weights with that time and build my health instead and am much happier.

Fantastic video! I also loved how she touched upon the eco-aspect of make up. Whenever I see an eco-blogger bragging about her reusable make up containers, I want to scream that not using any make up is a far better solution.

Yep. I basically never wore makeup in my life. I think this has contributed actually over the years with my natural facial colors being retained and not bleached out so people actually think I'm wearing makeup when I'm not, specifically they don't believe my lip color is my natural color.

I have some coworkers who decided to stop wearing make up (proud of them, this was years ago though, like 10 years ago) and their faces literally went through a huge burst of acne, like the make up had to be purged from their skin. Eventually their skin rebalanced to a much healthier stage. Just read the ingredients on a make up product...thats enough to scare you from it forever.

If I have a daughter I would raise them to not wear makeup.

I have a couple videos that I like of female murderers (I like true crime) who were very clearly heavy make up wearers before they were put in prison. Their no-makeup face after years of wearing make up is a stark proof that make up is bad for your skin. Particularly their lip color. I think there was a scientific article that proved this somewhere but ofc it got bured long ago. Anyway if you are young, now's the time to stop!

but whats up with the eyeshadow?

Definitely looks like it’s just her eyelid color to me (mine are pretty much the same).

My eyelids also look like hers without makeup. Exhibit A of why we need to normalize women not wearing makeup on a regular basis.

i might be wrong but i dont think she's wearing eyeshadow, her eyes always seem to look like that and some people have naturally darker skin around the eyes