Same pretty much re: makeup. It's cool when used for theatrical purposes, but I don't think there's a way of commercializing it without it being evil.

There are plenty of stuff I don't agree with Brittany, like her stance on marriage I find really problematic

Oh? What's her stance on marriage?

Speaking as a child free woman who leans towards separatism, I don't think there's feminism without protecting mothers.

Also same. I appreciate what she has to say, I hope she continues with her videos.

What's her stance on marriage?

She believes marriage protects women. It is crazy that she thinks that, considering that she's a victim of domestic violence herself, and violence against women happens mostly inside the home.

I see... so, here's the thing. Do I think we should be encouraging all women to walk away from mediocre men? From mediocre, or even horrible relationships? Yes. Do I think we should be encouraging women to keep their own names? Yes.

But there are still many places in the world where it's extremely difficult for single women, or even women in relationships with one another, to get by. Particularly in developing countries and impoverished places, but even more developed countries like Japan for example. There are lots of women out there who are even dealing with arranged marriages or were married off as a child. So I think it's a little classist to be broadly anti-marriage when these pressures still exist on a wide scale. I've heard them say similar things on the FDS podcast, for example.

If she's a domestic violence survivor, and she's still saying "actually my life is way easier after getting married," personally I'm more inclined to say "what are the factors making her life so fucking difficult she feels the need to tie herself to a man in order to survive?" But that being said I haven't actually seen her discussing this so maybe I don't actually know what her take is.

Her argument was that the marriage contract protected her financially after the divorce. I'd argue that women should not need a marriage contract to hold men responsible for the care of their children.

Here's what I find problematic about saying that marriage is good for women and protects women: I have two family members who work with youth, and they both have encountered girls as young as 13 getting pregnant on purpose so they can get married, because they are young and stupid, often from religious families, who don't realise they may have other options. I have a case like that in my extended family. The last thing these girls need to hear, specially from a cool, beautiful, confident, intelligent, accomplished woman, is that marriage is good for them.

I know that reality of women are different, but marriage should never be the solution for financial/socioeconomic problems. I'm not the abolish marriage crowd, but marriage do not protect women.