So maybe I’m weird but I’ve been going to public ladies rooms all my life and have seen ZERO vaginas. These creeps think we are all just showing each other our vaginas in there, eh?

Well, that's because you don't plant hidden cameras. If you were a Real Woman you would know to do that. /s

Real women loiter around until someone bares snatch!! 🤣

Lol seriously though I have even been in the stall while a friend peed (she was drunk and I was guarding from other drunk women barging in, oh the joys of clubs). Still no one ever showed their vaginas.

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That made me laugh as well. It was almost like vaginas were off putting and he was uncomfortable that woman had vaginas in women’s spaces. Vaginas offended him.

Never seen a vagina in bathroom or at the pool. Have been in sauna nuke with other women. No vaginas seen.

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I've never seen a single vagina in a single bathroom I've been In.

That creep man is peaking between the slots

Holy cats, that is one of the most amazing vids I've seen on this topic. Do they have a presence anywhere other than YT? I can't find a site, substack or Twitter/IG.

This video was great. Sort of reminded me of Hypernormalisation by Adam Curtis.

Just found this and posted it. Deleted after I found that one of you awesome ladies had already discovered it 🙂

Such a well done video!!