This is very well made. It's hard to deny it's happening when you have videos of it happening.

The shot of the girl post-mastectomy and all the self harm scars felt like a slap in the face with how obvious about what this is all really about. Like how was I ever okay with this?

I was gonna post this too, thanks for getting to it first. Between this and is Gender Ideology a Cult, we have two really slamdunk eye-opening analysis videos in one night.

I didn't realize there were so many girls and young women going for the whole... no nipples... thing :/

By far the best video about this cult I have ever seen. It should be compulsory viewing for all schools and parent groups. A reckoning is coming, and we will never forget those who pushed this harm onto our children.

This really was eye opening, these poor confused women getting sucked into something they basically can't recover from without some sort of medical issue. On the other hand you could mistake some of them for real men like that Scott woman which is freaky to me

That Scott woman with all the many complications from phalloplasty? Yuk

I'd seen pictures of those limb skin corndogs before, but never what the arm or leg looked like afterwards. My god, and I was having dinner too