The other trick they'll do is find a fit person who had an injury or pregnancy or something at one point and got back to being fit afterwards and pull out an old photo for the before. Those are so obvious because the clothes are a decade out of date and the hair is 6inches shorter in the before.

I've seen other ones with a full on makeover and you can't make any kind of comparison.

I don't think I have ever seen a genuine before/after weight loss picture.

I've seen someone demonstrate this before on YouTube by a man who is/was part of the paleo/carnivore community – a vast source of before / after photos. It's amazing what happens when you stand up straight. Even in the same clothes.

Was that the same one who did the photo where he actually shot the "before" afterwards, on the same day, and showed how he did it? Pumped up, dehydrated, appropriate lighting and pose, and then sitting round eating a ton of salty carbs and drinking loads of liquids, and not doing anything so that his muscles were no longer popping and he looked bloated.

I don't think so, I think he was just shifting posture. And now I'm wondering if it was a blog post, not YouTube. I can't remember, just that it was an older man.

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The second photo is so uncanny valley though. ((shudders))

All the more ridiculous because she's a beauty with a healthy, grown-ass adult Woman's body! SMH she looks great in the first photo... especially with that pouty lip OMG HER FACIAL EXPRESSION IS SO CUTE I CAN'T

I love how this comment slowly devolved from critical to crush lol