Holy fuck do I LOVE muscular women. So powerful, so bold, so inspirational, so worthy of admiration and love 😚😍 and also, if I may speak with my pussy... attractive as hell 😭

Yet all these bodies are female and feminine looking - there are butts and boobs but not hyper big pornofied ones. Those are lean bodies, peak performance and health - what humanity needed to survive. But heeeeeeyyyy if not 90% of males dont get a boner over it, its baaaad!

I find it hard to believe that males don't get a boner over those women. Like, really hard (no pun intended). I'd be genuinely happy if I looked like that, and it would never occur to me that men might not find it hot.

Men are strange, but in this case I think those who mock the swimmers for their small breasts ... such a guy doth protest too much.

In the old days, those of my parents and grandparents, a strong woman was a woman who engaged in physical labour. Farm wives lifted, carried, did everything that their husband and later their sons did to make a living. However, that meant she was poor -- didn't have all the machinery, didn't have a hired hand. Physically strong women were labour.The new middle class and upper classes didn't like people to look poor, and held them (still do) in low regard. A sexy woman was one who was not tanned from working outdoors, and had the physique of someone who never picked up anything heavier than a martini. Now it is the idle classes who have time to sit in the sun and tan (as opposed to working outdoors), and are the ones with the time and money to go to the gym. Some of the criticism of a strong woman are straight out of classism. Now the poor are overweight from little access to quality foods and the rich ones are skinny. Completely opposite from the photos of my grandparents' days.

[–] Chopu [OP] 12 points Edited

Physically strong women were labour.The new middle class and upper classes didn't like people to look poor, and held them (still do) in low regard. A sexy woman was one who was not tanned from working outdoors, and had the physique of someone who never picked up anything heavier than a martini.

That's a good point. I was born in India and have seen a similar type of classism there too.

Now the poor are overweight from little access to quality foods and the rich ones are skinny.

But healthy food is cheap. No matter where you live, a can of beans and a bag of rice is one of the easiest, most inexpensive and healthiest ways to have a meal. I have a shoe-string budget myself but have no problems getting healthy foods. It is the popularity of junk food that is the problem. Both poor and rich people are obese.

It really seems like obesity is more of a western problem (due to western diet generally being so imbalanced and people there preferring to eat from restaurants over cooking at home). I have lived in different parts of Asia for most of my life and even the people from low-income households there are super fit. And that's because they hardly ever eat junk food and instead have a diet rich in whole foods and plants. If being poor led to obseity, then the highest obesity rates in the world would be in places like India, not developed countries like the US or UK.

I tried to find stats for income levels affecting health and found this:

The richest men were, overall, more likely to be obese than the poorest groups. The groups with the lowest rates of obesity were rich white women and poor black men. Obesity rises with income for black and Hispanic men, but it falls with income for black and Hispanic women. The relationship is clearly more complicated than "a disease for poor people in a rich country." https://www.theatlantic.com/business/archive/2013/11/the-messy-messy-relationship-between-income-and-race-and-obesity/281434/

Edit: spelling

Healthy food takes time. Poor areas of town are generally poorly served by supermarkets. Working two jobs takes time. Pop is cheaper than milk.

Just to be clear, I hope my comment didn't come across like I was downplaying the struggles poor people face (I am currently a broke student myself). 

Working two jobs takes time.

Yes, I completely understand that ( I have family and friends currently in that type of situation). I am just trying to highlight the fact that a big problem might be in the kind of diet that many people in the west eat. I have friends who are even poorer than me who are still able to stay fit and nourished despite having very hectic jobs (which pay very, very little... even lower than minimum wages in the west). All I am saying is that the issue might be in the type of diet, rather than the cost of it (and like the article I linked in my previous comment shows, there doesn't seem to be a correlation between income levels and obesity rates).

Healthy food takes time

I cook healthy everyday and it takes 20 mins max (and even less on average if I am doing meal planning). Canned beans/lentils are already ready to eat. Sometimes, I don't even have access to a stove or microvave but still manage to make things work (there are foods like oats and couscous that you can simply leave in a liquid and don't even need to cook them).

Pop is cheaper than milk.

Then why not just drink water. Pop is slow death in sugary form. We don't need that junk in our life.

I do get where you are coming from. Life isn't easy for low-income people. I am currently poor myself. And my family isn't well off either. We literally moved to a new country during my childhood in an attempt to live a better life with more financial stability (and there was once a time in my childhood where both my parents were unemployed and we still managed to eat without becoming obese). I have lived in different countries and observed huge cultural differences with eating patterns and I just don't think the main cause of obesity is low-income or hectic jobs. Because like I said before, if that were the case, it would not be the richest countries in the world with the highest obesity rates.

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These women don’t look manly at all. Muscles aren’t manly it’s something we all have.

I think this is way to scare women into not gaining muscle. Like that one woman said her mother said muscle aren’t feminine. When men and handmaidens like her mother want us to be “feminine” they mean they want us to be weak and therefore submissive. Being thin and skinny is okay but once we start gaining muscle and are not that easy to overpower then it’s bad and manly.

Not that it matters but a lot of men who work out or lift really do appreciate a woman who lifts. It makes sense - once you get into training seriously it occupies a lot of your time and headspace. Being able to talk to somebody else about ‘hitting lats’ and ‘dropsets’ is an attractive option to both men and women gym bunnies! Honestly, tell some gymbro you can knock out 200 body weight squats and he’s yours for the asking ;-)

therefore submissive

I am so tired on this submissive expectation for us women :(

I think another reason why some men don't like muscular women is because their ego can't handle a woman being stronger and fitter. I mean statistically speaking most men (at least in the west) are too heavy. So, it's probably these same men trolling the muscular women about looking "manly".

[–] VestalVirgin 7 points Edited

Those women don't even look especially strong.

Ever since I watched that interview with the Olympic weightlifters on youtube (that where one of them said "no thanks" to being asked about a TIM) I have a rather different idea of what a strong woman looks like.

And even those weightlifters still looked very obviously female.

Really, the only grotesque looking "strong" women I have ever seen were bodybuilders, and with those, the men look weird, too, cause they intentionally burn away their fat with an unhealthly high protein diet for the competitions.

Sportswomen look good and fit, but not remotely male. (Actually, all the women shown here are rather good looking. Much above average. If I was lesbian, I wager I'd find them hot. If men don't find that sexy, I would be very confused.)

I can confirm from the men in my family that hetero dudes do find sportswomen hot. My dad had two "celebrity" crushes - Wilma Rudolph and Florence Griffith-Joyner. For my brother it's Rebecca Lobo.

[–] Chopu [OP] 17 points Edited

Really feeling this right now. Also, it seems like so much of the fitness-related stuff for women online is all about "sexy butt workout" (complete with incorrect form), "how to get lean thighs (don't worry ladies, this won't bulk you)" ... it just feels as if the male gaze is being prioritised over actual fitness.

Links: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-3196816/amp/Five-female-athletes-slam-cruel-body-shamers-claim-manly-insist-proud-muscular-figures.html




Edit: better wording and added another link

You just know the criticism about looking ‘manly’ comes mainly from men who’d struggle to bench a packet of crisps.

They look fantastic and there is nothing about their bodies that leaves you in any doubt that they’re women.

As an aside Chinese and Korean female pop stars while pressured to keep as thin as possible, preferably literally child sized, are not allowed to develop even the whisper of toned muscles because that’s apparently not attractive. More like because then they can’t maintain the fantasy that these adult women could pass for minors.

You just know the criticism about looking ‘manly’ comes mainly from men who’d struggle to bench a packet of crisps.


As an aside Chinese and Korean female pop stars while pressured to keep as thin as possible

There was a time when I once became obsessed with kpop. But, I just couldn't get into the girl groups. Seeing some members be bullied for being "fat" (despite being stick thin), reading their interviews where they literally admitted to starving themselves, seeing their fragile-looking bodies doing physically-demanding dances (in super high heels) just freaked me out :(

They look fantastic. Lots of different body shapes at the end of the day.

I work a very physical job and I love the strength it has given me 💪. We need to be strong

Unfortunately the TRAs will eat this up and compare it to the shaming of TIMs.

Oh yeah for sure. They don't leave any women's issue alone- periods, infertility, body shaming (lol I still remember that philosophytube guy tweeting about hairiness among women of my ethnicity. The audacity of him to pretend that the bullying us women face for being women is something he experiences too).

(Wait apparently he deleted that tweet. Found a screenshot of it https://twitter.com/Ms_H_Survivor/status/1360325506210562049?s=20&t=3hcRcRxOR73ybFVdKZVDDQ )

I have read theories that women used to be the bigger and stronger sex, but men strategically bred themselves to be the stronger ones. I think men don't want us to be strong

I don't think that theory is true. Males are bigger and stronger in pretty much all mammals. It's just evolution. If the men who win fights against other males have the most offspring, that leads to males becoming bigger and stronger.

Plus, males have more resources to expend on muscles cause they don't get pregnant.

[–] butchplease 4 points Edited

The sexual dimorphism in many mammals may well be influenced by the fact that many female animals have the choice between eating and protecting their young against males; a process male animals hugely benefit from because it supplies them with additional resources. Animals who raise their young cooperatively or who simply don't raise their young at all tend to have a lower difference in size and strength.

You're probably right, but I do think it's interesting nonetheless.