As the flair states, this thread may contain spoilers! If you are not caught up, please exercise caution.

It's been nearly a week since 6.2's release, so let's discuss it! Of the new content, what are you enjoying the most? What are your thoughts on the new trial, raids, the Island Sanctuary, gear, and side quests?

**As the flair states, this thread may contain spoilers!** If you are not caught up, please exercise caution. It's been nearly a week since 6.2's release, so let's discuss it! Of the new content, what are you enjoying the most? What are your thoughts on the new trial, raids, the Island Sanctuary, gear, and side quests?


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Alright, since no one has taken you up on this yet, here we go...


  • Island Sanctuary: I find it rather amusing that something that is supposed to be relaxing is creating so much work for me. I think this is one of Tataru's evil plots to continue to exploit the Warrior of Light by having me slave away at gathering and exporting island goods to further bankroll her ambitions of financially taken over all of Eorzea...evil lala. ;) I've gotten up to Rank 6 and find it a nice distraction.
  • Pandemonium Raids: No amount of character rehabilitation is going to make me like Lahabrea...though some of the story information presented makes me want to go back and replay some of the ARR bits. Like the whole bit about him locking away part of his soul that got corrupted and then only having half his ascian mask (the red glowy thing)....I'm trying to remember, did he have a full mask or half a mask in ARR? If it was a full mask, did he end up getting the corrupted part of his soul back and is that what drove some of his behavior in ARR...interesting. As for the raids themselves, they were pretty fun and I didn't have too much of a hard time clearing them on normal...but for some reason, they aren't all that memorable. I've run them once to clear this week and the second time dragging my Nigel through with me so I could see him wipe multiple times (he's more of a Sanctuary Island kind of person versus raid person) and honestly none of the fights really stand out all that much (other than the one with the tree boss and the three platforms...that one is fun/brutal). As for the gear...I main BRD so not that hyped over that set. The Reaper set is nicer, so a bit jealous there.
  • MSQ: I was actually surprised that we already went to the Void. I was expecting them to slow roll the story and going into the void until the next expansion. I was wondering how they were going to handle it with no new areas introduced and I think they did a pretty good job there...but now I'm wondering...is the next expansion going to be more void areas, or are we going to wrap up our void/13th shard excursion before the next expansion hits and go somewhere totally different. Another possibility is what Y'shtola hinted at...that we will somehow cleanse the void and restore the 13th....which means that maybe the next expansion will be a version of the void where we've brought back the light and are just taking care of the remaining voidsent...it's interesting. I like Zero and it'll be interesting to see how they develop her as a character...I am curious if there will be more tie in's to Zenos or if he's gone for good...he's definitely not my friend. ;) The trial fight at the end was awesome too, especially phase two. Goes well with being a ranged dps. :)

Oh, I think you’re onto something! Tataru is quite cunning. 😉 I wasn’t expecting the island to be as much work as it is either! I’m determined to take it at my own pace, so it’s been a lot of fun to run about while in queue.

I’m very curious to see where the next set of raids will take us. I believe he does have a complete sigil/mask when you face him in Praetorium, so I think your suggestion that he might merge once more with his other half has merit! I must confess to being biased when it comes to Pandaemonium, so I found each fight engaging and the bosses disturbing. I’m not a fan of horror films as I find frightening visuals stick in my mind all too easily, and those bosses sort of fit that bill!

Hopefully he didn’t spend too much time on the ground in his first run though Abyssos. I’ve definitely been there! 😂 It’s always fun to see how someone else reacts to new mechanics.

I think the new gear set from Pandaemonium is cool, although I’m hoping they’ll keep the number of glowing gear sets overall to a minimum. I don’t mind weapons with glowing effects (like relic or crafted weapons), but I find it too distracting when applied to pauldrons and the like. I haven’t seen much of the new crafted gear, but I love the top for physical ranged DPS!

I was surprised by how quickly we got there too! I’m beginning to suspect the same as you, that our sojourn in the Thirteenth will conclude by the end of 6.5, or that light will be restored and 7.0 will take place there (at least, for the A plot). Perhaps, if our time in the Void ends before 7.0, we’ll remain on Etheirys and explore Meracydia instead!

Zero is very interesting. So far, I’ve enjoyed her interactions with Y’shtola the most and am looking forward to seeing more! 😊 I feel like there are too many loose threads when it comes to Zenos, so I’m hoping for more tie-ins in the future. He may be no friend of mine, but I can’t resist a good “rivalry”, to put it mildly.

The trial was great! I haven’t attempted its Extreme yet, but it only makes me excited for what future fights may hold for us!