I haven't played in a bit and completely forgotten I'd downloaded these. So imagine my joy when I signed on today, found half my Sims and NPCs wandering around in their undies (hate when the game does that) and got into CAS to deal with the issue and (drumroll)

Now all my Sims are strolling around in terf shirts ... LOVE the Solanas one!!! I specifically put that on all my NPCs so that I'd get a smile whenever I ran into one out and about.

I love this. I play the Sims 4. I take incredible amounts of joy at TERFing the Sims by setting everyone as the correct sex pronouns and changing any transgender premades to be "cis" men and women.

I haven't played in months and haven't tried the pronoun update, but... Are there pre-made trans people?! Did they retcon any of the pre-made Sims (eg the Goths)?

Realm of Magic also has “non-binary” Morgyn, who has male pronouns but “sits to pee” which is Sims for having a vagina. I usually make Morgyn a woman, fix the pronouns and keep her style except the dumb makeup. A few times though I made Morgyn a man (with the body to match) and also kept most of the style a la David Bowie except that ridiculous evening dress they put him in because it gives AGP vibes.

The latest expansion comes with a premade they/them, who is biologically female. I set her pronouns back to she/her and undid the stupid masculine body frame preset they gave her for some reason.

Oh, okay! For a moment there I thought they'd made the Caliente sisters trans or something ahah

I don't want to derail the topic, but is the expansion any good?

You can also choose to not set pronouns at all! I never fill mine in

Yup, gotta leave those blank. Haven't figured out how to remove pronouns once they are chosen.

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I love these I wish I could add mods to my game 😭

My sims exclusively live in “cis” lesbian paradise

All male sims are killed on sight

🎵🎶 "been spendin' most their lives living in the lesbo paradise"

Is there a reason you can't add mods to your game? I thought it was as easy as dropping the .package into a specific folder. that's how I do it on PC, anyway

They worked for ages, and for some reason now I just can’t seem to fix the issue. My laptop is super old though so I blame it on that

I’ve tried loads of fixes and I’ve just given up tbh

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Good job, Cetra. You just killed 10,000 trans people by posting this LITERAL VIOLENCE. 🤣

Fantastic job. If I ever get around to playing again I will download.