Nevermind that character designs in video games ( both male and female designs at that! ) RARELY gather to women outside of some bishonen from JRPGs ( like Final Fantasy, the Tales of series, Persona and a few notable others ) and some Joseimuke games like Otome Games!

Bunch of pathetic male crybabies want everything to gather to them ALL the time in EVERYTHING! : https://nitter.net/LtOnEnterprise/status/1565336164533686272#m

Nevermind that character designs in video games ( both male and female designs at that! ) RARELY gather to women outside of some bishonen from JRPGs ( like Final Fantasy, the Tales of series, Persona and a few notable others ) and some Joseimuke games like Otome Games! Bunch of pathetic male crybabies want everything to gather to them ALL the time in EVERYTHING! : https://nitter.net/LtOnEnterprise/status/1565336164533686272#m


Please take it easy on them, it's very difficult for male retinas to be exposed to human females above the age of 16 🙏 and further please understand what a tragedy it is for men to not have boners while they are performing the sacred art of playing video games, especially if the video game is not a porn game therefore taking precious time away from jerking off.

I'm not into gaming personally, but I remember seeing a bunch of dudes complaining becuase the girl they hired to play a live action version of a character from a game wasn't "anywhere near hot enough." I found out the actress was 16 years old, and the character was even younger. The men in the comments were for the most part clearly adults judging by their pictures.

Pedophiles are way too comfortable right now.

Pedophiles are way too comfortable right now.

Isn't that the truth! I can't believe how little resistance they get from society these days. So many of them are basically open about it too. Our society is sick

[–] Taxidermy 20 points Edited

"Wasn't that the point? To make all the female characters fugly so they were more like real people?"

At least we're being honest here.

I had the pleasure of working with a guy who would straight up tell you he can't love a real person because anime girls are too pretty and perfect. According to him there's no need to lie to himself about it and he's fine with being alone forever with his fantasies. His words, not mine.

He's not the only one either. My main beef with these people isn't their porn rot, it's the whole "I know what the problem is but I'm fine with it." I'm not even talking about porn anymore; it's every facet of their lives. They may know their anger, jealousy, etc is their ruin and they've accepted it, but they still make others suffer for it. Acceptance is supposed to be the first step toward change, not a "this is who I am and since I'm okay with it that means you all have to smile and bear it too" mentality.

They act like becoming minimally self aware is a huge feat that deserves respect and no further consideration on their part.

I like playing video games during my leisure time but I can’t fucking stand male “gamers” they think every female character is there to get the peepees hard.

and I have actually witnessed them cry censorship if a female character doesn’t have cartoonishly big breasts.

Like how they cried about Tifa in the remake. She still has a large chest and her outfit is mostly faithful to the original design, but because the boobs were not gravity-defying and cartoonishly huge like the original design, and they decided to put black spandex under her mini skirt (she’s a martial artist, this makes sense), it’s a crime against humanity!

IIRC most fans liked the Tifa redesign. For those who didn't, it's very clear they were just out to complain and that nothing could have satisfied them. The FF7 characters didn't look like human beings. They were cartoonish images of humans with hands and feet bigger than their heads, and as the "sexy" character Tifa also had breasts as big as her head.

I don't see how anyone with two functioning brain cells could have seen that they're doing a remake with realistic graphics think that Tifa would have the same proportions. And if some men were upset about it, were they just as upset that all of the other characters no longer have gigantic hands and feet, or perfectly cylindrical limbs?

Has someone told men yet that nothing about the vast majority of them caters to us? Not their smell, not their size, and certainly not their fugly-ass faces?

Should we let them in on that little secret or ?

Oh man this grinds my gears, rant ahead: God the amount of bias towards straight males in anime/manga and video games is egregious. I find it incredibly annoying that any time I try to watch an anime there's always at least one girl character with ginormous breasts for the male viewers to ogle at and yank their dicks to. And what's even worse is that this shit has been prevalent since the late 60s with shows like cutie honey where the big tittied girl loses all her clothes just to transform into a new suit (fuck you Go Nagai, I hope you rot in hell for pioneering this shit). There's CLEARLY a big female audience that likes anime/manga, why do we never get catered to, do they realize how much money they rake in when fujoshis buy all their merch?? It sucks that we just get ignored when male coomers get first priority, it's like they're trying to alienate female fans and say 'this is a straight man's medium, go somewhere else"! It's a shame I have to go searching far and wide just to find an anime/manga with nice looking guy characters without male oriented fanservice. And even when I think I've found one bam! A scantily clad girl character for guys to go AWOOGA over 🙄 Fuck this, I hope all those moids dicks shrivel up and fall off so they can't coom anymore

I loved your rant. Women into anime/manga/video games draw fanart, make fanfiction, are the core of many fan communities, spend lots of money on characters they like, etc. Female fans are so vital. We should be catered to as well instead of having to dig through trash lol

I hate to say this because yaoi/BL is a major factor in the epidemic of teenage girls transitioning to male, but in the interests of fairness I must point out that that's where the female fanservice is: BL and Yaoi. 100% catering to women, and usually created by women. 'Hades' was hugely popular among the women gamers I know.

Well to be fair it's not just bl/yaoi, it can be if the guy characters are handsome, charismatic, and 'strut their stuff' if the latter makes any sense 😅. It also doesn't help that even shows that do have bl elements are very few and far between, compared to the huge amount of anime/manga that cater to straight males. Games like twisted wonderland are good examples of female fanservice games that don't have yaoi/bl in them

THIS. I'm so sick of anime shows where the female lead (and likely several other female characters) are all just big-tiddied bimbos whose only role in the story is to serve as the male lead's love interest/cheerleader and a damsel in distress he must rescue over and over again. It's why I stopped watching mainstream anime.

The only mainstream series I've come across recently that doesn't do this (for the most part) is Jujutsu Kaisen. It has a variety of female characters with varying power levels and gives them agency and motivation for why they fight. And even better, the reasons *don't *revolve around men!

But if you dig far enough, there are shows that tend to either have little sexualization or none at all. They just never receive mainstream status.

Oh I've heard of jujutsu kaisen, I still have yet to read/watch it though. I'm going back and reading some older manga from osamu tezuka and I like that the small amount of what could be considered fanservice is surprisingly tame. Also lots of guy characters that aren't pervy otaku archetypes which is 👌 Also a lot of the anime from Nippon animation's World Masterpiece Theater (Anne of green gables, dog of Flanders, etc.) is fanservice free, and they're good stories

I highly recommend it, though I'd recommend the manga before the anime. The anime was too fast paced.

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I heard SPY x FAMILY doesn't have any of that junk in it as far as recent stuff goes... I think Yashahime and Fruits Basket don't have it either... I didn't see anything in Yashahime so far at least...

The classic Saint Seiya anime also has looots of pretty males and in more than 100 episodes only 2 had scenes with female characters that could be considered fanservice... On the other side the series has lots of fanservice involving the MALE characters getting shirtless or even naked in a few points!

I'm pretty sure from the context, but, does "gather to" mean roughly the same thing as "cater to"?

Thanks for the correction! English is not my native language so sometimes I mess up! I'm always trying to improve though so I appreciate polite corrections like yours!

Aha no problem💖

I actually didn't even intend it as a correction—I figured this might be an expression from a different dialect of English.

i remember when men kept crying about the design of the women in mortal kombat 11 and how " feminists and their censorship" ruin everything for them, these people are really like children.

Woah, ok, read more of the comments - a bunch of them believe the characters are ugly because they're "less white" now, not just that the women have short hair. I'm not that familiar with gamer culture - what's the overlap of gamerbois and straight up racists?

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If you wanna get a taste of what these types of gamerbois are like try taking a look at the One Angry Gamer... : https://twitter.com/OneAngryGamerHD

Look what he had to say about the Castlevania animation! : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Db5r1JzfSW8

It's amazing how attached he is to a cartoon butthole while completely disregarding that anal with zero protection has become the standard in pornographic prostitution. Yes, aids only happens if it's two dudes /s Thank you for this, I could not have possibly imagined they're this deluded.

Translation: “I’m so pornsick I can’t crank it to anything other than airbrushed, anime-style teens in bikini armor, and this female character doesn’t do it for me therefor it is shit.”

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