Kassandra from Assassin's Creed Odyssey. To be fair about 80% what I liked about her was what an outstanding job her voice actor did delivering the lines. About 20% was how buff she was.

Edelgard from fire emblem three houses became my favorite female character, I think her emperor design is very good.

Amaterasu from Okami 😎

But for reals, I really like Alyx Vance from the Half-Life series. Her outfit looks comfortable, practical. She looks like she's ready to kick Combine butt.

I love the female characters from Dragon Age. They neither dress nor act as if they spend much time worrying what men will think of them.

But Morrigan?

I don't know enough of Morrigan's backstory to comment. I've only played DA:I. However, the general tone of the game is such that I just assumed she dressed like that because it was comfortable for her.

Morrigan was the daughter of a Baba Yaga-like witch (Flemeth) that lived apart from society in a hot swamp. Her looks may have catered to the male gaze, but she’s a decently developed character who always puts her witchy agenda first, including in a romance with the player character. She’s values self determination above all else.

My favorite characters from the Dragon Age universe are Wynne from Origins and Cassandra from Inquisition.

I love Aloy and the other Nora women's designs in Horizon Zero Dawn/Forbidden West. I refuse to put her in the more sexualizing armors you can get from other nations that aren't the matriarchal one even if they give me stat bonuses.

I really like Zelda's many designs of course, especially when she gets to use weapons and when she gets to disguise herself as a boy (despite the design of Sheikah and Gerudo in the series being the... racist and sexist way that it is.. Gotta support separatist Gerudo society whenever it is Ganon free though).

I generally like designs where the women are wearing practical things that fit into the game world but it is so fucking rare in games that I can't think of other ones that I liked for cool armor/accessories/etc who weren't wearing boob armor or ridiculous sexualized clothes even if the rest of her design was cool.. Golden Sun is the only other game I can think of that I played where the female characters were dressed like adventurers the same general way as the males without boob armor or ridiculous shorts/skirts.. maybe one of the female villains may have been breasting boobily around but I am not sure.

From Persona 5: Makoto Niijima, on her Persona Johanna which is just a badass motorcycle— hell yeah!

I just wish they paid any kind of attention to the female characters’ personality and plots, uuuugh. Each and every one of them gets sexualized in some way, it really soured an otherwise cool entry into the series. (Persona 3 and 4 are no better, I just thought 5 would be better about that stuff by now, or at least self-aware about it. No such luck.)

Also, Sakura Oogami from Danganronpa. Just a ‘roided out strongwoman. Not something I see a lot, so super cool to see this character not just used as a one-off gag. Loved getting to see her and Asahina’s relationship develop.

edit: Kiyoshi from Avatar: The Last Airbender has a really cool design! Another giant woman, this time with cool face paint and fans.

edit 2: Yennefer from Witcher 3! Loooove how she was written, haha.

Ugh I love the Sakura character. TIMs of course have their problem with that game noe too because of the TIM reveal

Heather from SH3 is one of my favs, also Cassandra from DA:I and Jade from Beyond Good & Evil. Guess the short hair look is a favorite!

Jun Kazama from Tekken, I love the cranes design coming up her pants leg.

Zarya from overwatch. honestly specifically because my friend said she's the only female character she doesn't like in overwatch, it made me become a Zarya fan out of spite