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Yea I heard the majority of money is coming from the whales. I don't play the game either. I'm an ex 10+ year wow player who found Diablo 2 sort of boring. I only played through it for the story. I saw a post on Preddit a few months ago. It was said the the cost to outfit /fully gear in the new Diablo is like $30,000 or some crazy thing like that. And the worse part is, once you get there the matchmaker can't find you any opponents.

The last I heard it was even worse than $30,000. One man spent $100,000 to fully gear himself.

Any company whose revenue relies on compulsive gamblers/spenders is morally bankrupt.

I am begging game companies to let me buy a game for a set price and not continue to try to psychologically manipulate into spending more πŸ™