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And of course they would lock Overwatch 2 behind a pass. Blizzard lost so many wow players, thats tons of subscriptions lost. The new money train has to come from somewhere. Prior to that Overwatch and HOTS, SC were what a lot of wow players played on their days off.

I have no interest in this genre of game, but it sounds to me like Blizzard wants to bet on the outrage machine attracting enough attention for them to make tons of money.

The sad part is that it's a good strategy; Diablo Immortal has made an obscene amount of money.

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Yea I heard the majority of money is coming from the whales. I don't play the game either. I'm an ex 10+ year wow player who found Diablo 2 sort of boring. I only played through it for the story. I saw a post on Preddit a few months ago. It was said the the cost to outfit /fully gear in the new Diablo is like $30,000 or some crazy thing like that. And the worse part is, once you get there the matchmaker can't find you any opponents.

The last I heard it was even worse than $30,000. One man spent $100,000 to fully gear himself.

Any company whose revenue relies on compulsive gamblers/spenders is morally bankrupt.

I am begging game companies to let me buy a game for a set price and not continue to try to psychologically manipulate into spending more 🙏

Wow that sucks. It's what has made me all but abandon valorant, which i liked way more than overwatch in the first place.