I love my steam deck, I honestly thought there would be a very big chance I’d regret buying it but I don’t. I prefer it to the switch, having that flexibility between being able to play wherever or play on my computer is huge for me. Plus being able to easily install mods is great.

The battery life could be a lot better, but if you play around with the settings and reduce graphic quality and shit then it does definitely help.

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Yes. I have one and love it.

Biggest problem is that it can be kind of awkward to hold if you have smaller hands. But it also might be a personal issue because I play Switch a lot, too, and find Switch far more comfortable to hold.

How long does the battery last for you? Does it feel considerably heavier than a Switch? Thank you for answering.

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No problem. The battery life on it's pretty good and is comparable to Switch, imo. But I also bought the deck primarily to play emulators and I'm not sure if that's less graphically intense and therefore easier on the battery. I'm also not sure how it handles modern games with tons of fps/rendering/etc.

It's noticeably heavier than the Switch Lite, but only slightly more in comparison to the standard Switch. It looks a lot bulkier than it feels. The first thing I thought when I got it was that it seemed huge and unwieldy and was pretty surprised how comfy it ended up being.

If you're looking for something that you can bring around everywhere or play while commuting than the deck probably isn't the best choice because it has a huge hardshell case that takes up too much space in a backpack.

Let me know if you have any other questions. I've had the deck for about 3ish months (I think). I could take photos of it in comparison to Switch after my cat gets off my lap, if that would be helpful

No need for pictures. I really appreciate your input. Thank you again. I have wanted to get into PC gaming for a while but we literally have no where to put a desktop and I don't want a second laptop. I think I might get this after the holidays and tax season is over.