I love the Sims (been playing since the first one came out!) but the gender garbage, expensive expansion model, and general crappiness of Sims 4 makes me cautious.

Yeah Sims 4 was such a downgrade from Sims 3 I can't look at the franchise the same anymore. Everything that EA touches eventually worsens.

Same. My expectations are in the basement. I still cling to Sims 3 in its perfection.

This is still cool though, I’m excited to see what it’ll be like. Even if I don’t buy.

There is no transgenderist nonsense in the base game if I remember correctly... It was an expansion pack that added it...

I haven't played Sims 4 in a few years, but I try to avoid supporting games/communities/etc that include it. I've been blindsided a few times. I wasn't sure if it was an update or an expansion that added it.

I just discovered that wow (at least the wrath classic version) has swapped the male and female symbols for "body type 1" "body type 2". Ridiculous.

Well I don't think playing a free game is supporting the company since they aren't getting any money from it... The Sims 4 has some good mods so the game is full even without the expansion packs... I know people who use the game mostly to take screenshots and make comics with it... :)

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Tbf i think I’m over it. I love the sims 3 and one day I’ll own a PC capible of running it, I miss the gameplay of sims 2 and if they were worth their weight they’d take gameplay from sims 2 and merge it with the open world and wholesomeness of 3 and it’d be perfect - add in the music from sims 1 base game if you want to make me a very happy lady. I keep hearing about sims 5 being some online nonsense and I don’t care.

I also give zero shits about gender woo. Any non female sims are exterminated in my games anyway

Edited to add: okay it’s only a 99% lesbian paradise. I have one save file with me and my boyfriend and we’re living with my old dog who I can’t get back from my ex but I love her so 🤷🏻‍♀️ it’s my perfect little family and even if it only lives digitally at least she gets to still be with me somewhere

I’m such a sucker for the sims. I’ll definitely get it. I know they’ll have gender woo in it but I’ll ignore it. I’ve been playing since I was a kid.

Things I hope to see:

  • Optimize the game so it doesn't lag like crazy even on high-end PCs

  • Less family friendly coddling and more freedom to do whatever you want with any Sim (doubt this will ever happen)

  • Fewer bugs that go unfixed (doubt)

  • No more tiny worlds consisting of five buildings (seriously wtf)

I'm more interested in Paralives. I hop in takes the mantle from EQ like Cities Skylines took it from Sim City.

Interesting. Looks good so far, although I can't wait to see the style of faces. I definitely prefer Sims 3 style over 4 in that matter. And honestly the biggest thing for me will be possibility to leave our parcel without loading screens.

Ugh I really don't want this to be an online game. I am glad they confirmed you can play offline but I'm still suspicious. I had a feeling they'd shift over to a shitty "game as service" type model, drip-feeding players with content.