Haha one of these is that Chihiro boy that pretended to be a girl so people would stop bullying him for being a short and frail boy while the other one is the lad that was obssessed with his own sister and started pretending to be her huh? Good riddance! XD : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qzrXonEnES0

Yes, for the uninitiated: These are both male characters in the series that try to dress up as women— one because he feels he is a failed male, one because he has an incestuous obsession with his sister (he is also revealed to be a serial killer of women and murders a female character who canonically loves women).

I know plenty of AGPs try to come across as the Chihiro uwu poor defenseless me type, when really with all their harassing of lesbians and violent threats, they have more in common with Korekiyo.