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Swahili duolingo is especially TERFy and child-safeguardy. Wavulana si wasichana! (Boys are not Girls!) Mtu mzima si mtoto! (An adult is not a child!) among others.

also of note, Wanawake wanaweza! (Women can do it!) 🥰

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I love that Duo is completely LGB inclusive at the same time. The stories are really well written and hilarious.

Yeah I love how inclusive Duolingo is but unfortunately they seem to have started pandering to nonsense as well! With their lesbian character that used to be one of my favorite characters at that! :( : https://duolingo.fandom.com/wiki/Lin

Another unfortunate thing about Duolingo is their post on social media against Amber Heard... That was really... Unprofessional of them...

But I like Duolingo though and appreciate their contributions and goals of making education more accessible for more people around the world!

The owner of Duolingo said that many people in his home country would benefit greatly from knowing English which was one of the reasons why he created Duolingo...

What? Lin is they/them in Spanish now? I am not doing that language so had no idea. Disappointing.

And I was also in the dark about their social media comments on Amber Heard. Why on earth would we need to know a language app's position on the Heard/Depp trial? Insane.

Ahh yeah, one of the Korean-language 'stories' ends with a surprise lesbian marriage (i'd say elopement, but they're not escaping family pressures). And i've seen a few sentences about same-sex couples/relationships.

I've seen some other suspicious translations like "Je me sens bien dans mon corps/I feel good in my body", but this one seals the deal.