But misogynistic games where you beat up hookers and take their money (GTA series) is just fine and dandy to discuss on ResetEra… Scrotes being hypocrites, as always.

Not to mention the recent game created by Justin Roiland (who was revealed to have beaten his ex girlfriend and grooming underage girls online).

Games made by wife beating pedophiles are fine. But GOD FORBID you discuss or promote a game that is tangentially connected to a feminist!!

Don't they know that forbidden fruit is always much more alluring?

It's kind of funny and ironic, because didn't Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix have something just like this happen? Like when Harry and co. were trying to get the word out about Voldy being back and Cornelius Fudge was having all the mainstream newspapers publish shit about Harry. And they had Luna's dad's paper write about it instead, and trying to ban it just made everyone at Hogwarts want to read it? Lol life imitates art.

And on this very article they deleted 3 comments and then closed the comments section. 🙄

[–] FemmeEtal 42 points Edited

Excellent, stir up more publicity for Rowling and the game. Make her that sweet sweet money so she can use it wisely in this fight. Maybe it’s time to start mass reposting her essay again and asking people to point out the supposed bigotry that’s not there.

[–] pennygadget 6 points Edited

Yes! If we drum up more bullshit controversy, maybe she'll make enough money to franchise more Beira's Places in needy zones like Canada and California!

[–] OneStarWolf 26 points Edited

I knew which website it was immediately. They literally have a dedicated hate thread for JK Rowling in their off topic section, that’s how insane these men are. Resetera is misogynist TRA central for male gamers.

And yes the hypocrisy is off the charts. Hundreds of shitty men in other games and media but they don’t ban discussion of them. Hogwarts Legacy and “transwomen” in sports are the only two topics I’ve ever seen them put a site wide ban on. TRAs are ridiculously obsessed and hateful.

Lol everybody hates Resetera for being thin skinned losers. They're the Super Weenie Hut Jr's of the gaming community.

Triggered Tras = more sales ca-ching $$$$$$$

think I'll pre-order

Thinking about it was well and I never preorder games. I rarely even buy them at full price either, usually I wait for a sale a year or so down the track.

I never preorder games too, but I thought that even if the game turns out to be a flop (which based on what I've seen so far seems unlikely either way) at least my money would end up in Jo's pockets. So it's a win/win situation.

Honestly I don't know what would have to happen for this game to flop to me personally. I just wanna go create my own wizard, go explore Hogwarts and its surrounding area, generally have fun and pretend that normal world doesn't exist for these few days. If the story is good and gameplay is amazing then it's just an added bonus.

[–] Peppermint 2 points Edited

I'm the same way. I have a large collection on steam of over 600 games..most of them I got on sale or in bundles etc.. I hardly have time to play any of them. Many are queued up .. and I hope to play them all! but I always end up playing the same games. Either way, went ahead and pre-ordered this one. Just because, and I bought her last book, and need to get that whole series. I wasn't ever into Harry Potter before, but now I'm a forever fan.

P. S. I'm going to try to make time to play it so I can make an accurate review on Steam. I'm also predicting the steam store page is going to be a dogpile of TRA comments. Time played matters in comments so I'm all in.

The only thing is I don't know if it will work on my laptop, I might wait for the switch one I'm not sure

This post encouraged me to preorder it. My 5 year old has been loving playing Zelda with us and she’ll love this too.

They're just like those idiot Christian fundamentalists who burned Harry Potter books for being "satanic" back in the 90s and early 2000s.

I read that all pre orders were canceled. Not sure how accurate that is though.

Why would they have been? You can still preorder for all platforms on Amazon, for instance.

Mine is just fine on Steam. If there is such a rumor it was probably started by the TRAs.

Yeah no that’s definitely not true. The limited edition and deluxe editions sold out in preorder I think. No game company is going to throw away money.

The TRAS claiming they're going to pirate the game in protest are going to have to eat it, because the game will be released with Denuvo and therefore impossible to pirate. At best it will take a year to get a pirated version, but more likely it will never happen, other games protected by Denuvo are still unavailable after almost 5 years.

I guess they'll have to protest the game by, gee, not playing it. Or they'll suck it up and buy it. Tough choice for them I'm sure 😄

I wanted to create a new post for this, but I'm shy about creating posts, I'm never sure if the thing I want to share is worth a whole new discussion. Especially with this thread being only 4 days old.

piles and piles of shitty men and nothing much ever happens. a woman sticking up for women and things gotta be shut down. like plz. the level of misogyny. the level of how dumb and pathetic everyone is.

and the level of how shitty men are compared to women... men can do the worst but it's so common, everyone just rolls along. meanwhile a woman saying something ppl don't like and she's treated as satan.

A shitty man just has to parrot woke talking points and all of his sins are forgiven

Can't wait to ride around on my onyx hippogriff and my thestral mount!

I can't wait to explore all the common rooms and customise my room of requirement!

Now I really want to buy it despite not being a fan of Harry Potter at all.

My brother plays video games so I'm going to get it for him lol

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