young unemployed brainwashed a marginalized community for everyone what could go wrong?

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More than half of online multiplayer gamers who experience harassment believe they were targeted because of their identity. Women (38%) and LGBTQ+ (35%) players reported the most online harassment. In addition, Black or African American (31%), Hispanic and Latinx (24%), and Asian-American (23%) players weren’t far behind in these negative experiences. And Jewish and Muslim (19%) players reported being targeted because of their religion.

What I don't understand is how people are targeted if they're playing with avatars? Is it because of voice, because you can't tell religion from voice, and not race unless the person has a foreign accent (which often doesn't imply a certain race, just a nationality). You can tell women from voice alone, maybe some LGBTQ if they're got a 'stereotypical' accent, but unless people are bringing up their race/religion/sexuality online, there's no reason why they'd be targeted.

What does the article title even mean?

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That is a venn diagram showing two completely disjoint sets. Maybe this -- o -- is two identical sets. Are they saying that anywhere from every gamer to no gamer is LGBTQ+ and vice versa? What an utterly devoid-of-meaning non-statement.